Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas Dress 2015

This year's Christmas dress! I've made one every year for the past few years. This year's dress is made with vintage children's fabric (cotton), self lined in the bodice and lined in satin in the skirt for extra puffiness. Pockets for stuffing extra food away for later.

The print is actually tiny blue flowers with little green leaves.

Worn with the usual Christmas mouse earrings, although they're a little blurry here.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Butterick 6094 | Patterns by Gertie

Hello! It's only been 7 months since I wrote a blog post! This dress was kind of special so I thought it warranted a whole post rather than just throwing a heap of pictures up on Facebook.

This dress is really beautiful and easier to make than I thought it might be. I don't feel that it suits me very well, but I may try the pencil skirt version in the future and try adjusting the darts for a better fit around the bust.

The bust is rather squashy on me. The waist turned out too wide, so I came to the conclusion that it is better suited to a figure which has a smaller bust/waist ration than mine. I took the waist in by about an inch, but there wasn't much I could do about the bust. 

Even with a rather minimising bra, I feel a bit squashed. I may also try the other version with a slightly lower neckline.

Besides the fit issues, I love the style. It's very simple and the back detail makes it unique. I used a beautiful vintage floral fabric from Audrey Scarlett Vintage (Instagram link). The lining is Japanese silk. The back contrast is a cotton/silk blend.

The pattern includes a petticoat skirt which I left out. The dress is really summery and light (I used the lightest lining I had) and I didn't want to weigh it down or make it too hot with too many layers. I have a separate petticoat I can wear with it anyway if I want to fluff it out a bit.
I also left off the button detail on the back. Even with buttons that matched, it was too much with the print of the dress. I just put a small stitch on each side to stop it from flapping about.

Has anyone else made this dress? I had a lot of fun with it and would highly recommend giving it a go.