Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pretty winter feet

A while ago I pondered the first world question of which colourful items I should buy to make my feet all pretty.

Here is my selection.

Green gingham heels. Mainly because I have no green shoes, and these have a retro look about them which I just couldn't go past.



Then these beauties appeared on sale so I just went right on ahead and bought them too. 


I've had a slight obsession with large patterned wedges for some time now, but haven't found many in actual shops (the kind you walk into). Meanwhile UK & US websites are full of the things.


I got these both from ModCloth. If you're thinking about buying the gingham heels, I recommend buying your usual size. I found the wedges a bit long though and could have bought a half size down. The straps are very comfy and secure though so it doesn't matter. They are extremely comfortable.


Then, as usual, Madam got in on the act when she realised a photo shoot was taking place.



In case you're wondering (and you are now), yes I was sitting down to take these photos. I still can't WEAR these shoes - to stand and walk in - because my ankle is still recovering from a sprain 2 weeks ago. Heels are O-U-T this week. Humph. Maybe next week?


I do like my sexy slippers though.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Leopard Print Fur Coat

*whispers* the leopard print coat is finished.

The pattern is Butterick 5569.


The collar. I took 2 inches off the width. It would have been far too wide and flapping around all over the place. I also rounded off the corners.
  Pockets. The pockets in the pattern are stitched into the side seams. Instant hip-enhancement. Bleh. I swapped these for some square pockets on the front of the coat.
I used some vintage buttons I've had for, you know, ever, to match the lining.



I used lining on the underside of the collar to make it sit flat.


And now here I am looking fabulous in it.

Oh I say! It's Lady Winchestah! Hurrah!


 Showing off my vintage bits

Looking generally pleased with myself

 And the rest of my outfit today

Cardi - Dangerfield
Skirt - Wyse
Tights - Cotton On
Cami - Jay Jays
Necklace - a gift from Hair Goddess Sarah
Boots - Opshopped

 Am  I pleased with myself?

Do I think I look awesome?


Yes yes.


Topped my look off with this fabulous bag I received as an early birthday present from my cousin.


Probably would have been less pleased if I'd known my hair resembled a mad dandelion all day.



Monday, 18 June 2012

Birthday Countdown - The Jewellery

Seeing as it's my 30th birthday this year, my birthday present to myself is something a leetle special. I love Samantha Wills jewellery, so I treated myself to a few new baubles. Happy birthday, me!

This is the Young American range, which you can view here

Each piece of S.W jewellery comes in a little velvet bag, in a little carved wooden box. 

 I treated myself to a ring

And the matching earrings & necklace

 The stone is a beautiful grey-green tone which should look pretty nice against my dress.

I may not wear the necklace with my dress, as they will probably get tangled up in each other. But I will be wearing the earrings & ring on The Day.

Saturday, 16 June 2012


This is as close as Molly and Biscuit Face come to being friends (ie, not at all).


BF is that fluffy lump out there on the lawn.

Molly is the hissing, growling, wailing idiot who refuses to be friends.


But BF is not intimidated. He will not leave. He merely whines mournfully and looks hurt.


Then I go out to play with him and everything's ok again.

Isn't he a charmer?


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Here's one I didn't prepare ealier

So ModCloth has had this cute dress available in various colours for a while now, including a polka dot version. It's called the Luck Be a Lady Dress. This powder blue version is my favourite.


I really like it, even though I don't think it would completely suit me. It has a high neckline, which usually strangle me. In any case it's kind of pricey, once you factor in postage to Australia. So I'm wondering whether I can make it in either of these patterns.

Butterick 4443. I don't think it looks very shapely here, but I'm sure it could be once it's been filled out by my substantial bosom. It should be easy enough to round out the neckline too.

 Simplicity 1802. The picture here isn't great but you can see it has a lot of shape to it. I think it could be quite effective if made in all one colour. I think I prefer this design... I think?

Remember that 4 day sewing spree I mentioned? Didn't happen.

First the car broke down. AGAIN. Didn't really feel like sewing by the time I'd finished swearing at the bloody thing.

Then I fell down 2 measly stairs in a bar and sprained my ankle. I can't really sit at a sewing machine with one leg sticking out to the side (not comfortably anyway) while I keep my foot up. I have, however, made headway on the leopard print coat and will hopefully be showing it off this week! 
Yay! *attempts cheerfulness*

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Boots of awesomeness

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New on-sale boots. From Wittner.

This is my Lady Winchestah face. Sexy, no? Cup of tea anyone?




I would have put these pics up yesterday but blogger or my computer is being a total C U Next Tuesday and uploading all my photos like this.


Is this happening to anyone else or am I just lucky?

Dress & jumper from Dangerfield, jacket made by me about 3 years ago.