Monday, 18 June 2012

Birthday Countdown - The Jewellery

Seeing as it's my 30th birthday this year, my birthday present to myself is something a leetle special. I love Samantha Wills jewellery, so I treated myself to a few new baubles. Happy birthday, me!

This is the Young American range, which you can view here

Each piece of S.W jewellery comes in a little velvet bag, in a little carved wooden box. 

 I treated myself to a ring

And the matching earrings & necklace

 The stone is a beautiful grey-green tone which should look pretty nice against my dress.

I may not wear the necklace with my dress, as they will probably get tangled up in each other. But I will be wearing the earrings & ring on The Day.


  1. Those baubles are lovely. I absolutely adore that they arrive in a carved wooden box; it's the little touches.

  2. Ooh how lovely that you are treating yourself to some special treasures! Sarah xxx

  3. Oooooh so scrumptious and even the packaging is beautiful! xx

  4. Wonderful, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I always like choosing my own presents, lol.

  5. a girl especially une Grande Dame should treat herself to the best!
    Gorgeous choice you have made!

  6. What beautiful new jewelry with the most appealing of classic vibes to it. I can completely see why you treated yourself to these lovely pieces.

    ♥ Jessica