Sunday, 1 March 2015

Movie 'college' dresses

I wasn't supposed to buy any new fabric, having accumulated a lifetime's supply in my sewing room, but I couldn't let this beautiful stuff pass by. 
It was called Movie College print but I'm pretty sure they meant collage.
I thought I'd make one dress but ended up having enough for two! How terrible! Not!

First dress.


I used this New Look pattern for both bodices. For the first dress, I used the bodice from view D. I just used a long rectangle for the skirt and gathered it onto the bodice. It's a really easy, cheaty way to make a skirt.


I love how the print sits across the bust. I actually didn't plan that.

Then I used this gorgeous pattern I found in an op-shop to make a jacket to wear with it. 

The pattern of the jacket is boxy and hip-length, so I cropped it at the waist, and added a couple of wide darts at the back to make it more fitted. I also lowered the neckline by a couple of inches.

Dress number two.

For this I used the bodice from view B. I can't remember where I got the pencil skirt pattern from but it's pretty basic anyway.

I made the skirt in brown, as black was too harsh. The black in the 'college' print is actually faded to brown, so the brown skirt works better.

Oh, this? I'm just practicing my over-the-shoulder-and-over-the-glasses gaze. You know.



  1. What lovely dresses, they look great on you and the little black jacket looks a treat!

  2. Great dresses! I love how you used the same fabric but the bodices look different.
    Your tattoos are beautiful.

  3. You are a hot and talented minx! Both frocks are stupendous, and such awesome fabric!
    Gah, the perils of being a fabric freak....I have tonnes, but can't resist adding to the's just so terribly practical....
    O, I don't have a strapless bra, which is one reason I wear a cardi, with a halterneck. Otherwise, I wear them to distract from my enormous bosom, and also for a lttle sun protection!

  4. Uh-mazing job! That fabric is pretty darn fab too - love!

  5. I'm like that with scrapbooking paper. I have countless beautiful sheets and yet I can never seem to go more than a few months without adding more to epic stash. :)

    What a delightfully fun, completely cool, pair of dresses. That is one of the neatest novelty print fabrics I've ever seen.

    ♥ Jessica