Saturday, 29 December 2012


The old

The cut

The clip

The colour

The new


Hair & make up: Jay
Dress: Restyle
Shoes & tights: retail

See you in '13

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Monday, 24 December 2012

Vintage Christmas Kittens... KITTENS!

This year's Christmas dress. 

Vintage kittens!!! 
You can see the fabric in more detail here

The pattern is Vogue 8470, but I borrowed some regular sleeves from another pattern.

I didn't have enough fabric for the waist sash, so I just added a red ribbon, which works nicely with the pattern on the dress.

Oh! And I changed my hair! Tired of my little short fringe, I've cut myself a longer one and I'm wearing it off to one side. But in my haste to get it right yesterday, I plastered it down with too much hairspray.

You get the idea though.

 Shoes: Modcloth
Ring: Diva
Earrings: bought when I was ten years old. 

They're probably considered to be vintage now too! I wear them every year.

As well as my own Christmas dress, I made Jay a Christmas skirt. She would only have black, so I Christmas-fied it with red lining (I think she likes it).


It was originally going to be a dress, but the lace is very heavy and full of stretch. The dress ended up hanging down past her ankles, so I just used the skirt.

She has now conceded that she should have her own blog. Yay!

We had our family Christmas lunch yesterday at our house. It was steaming hot outside so we spent the day in the comfort of air conditioning as we stuffed ourselves.

Jay and I with my parents...

...and Jay's mother


 Happy Christmas to everyone, from Jay and the vintage kittens and I!

 ~*~  xx  ~*~