Wednesday, 19 December 2012

To chop, or not to chop?

Besides churning out summer dresses, I've been making good use of my holidays by being a terribly successful op-shopper.

This blue frock either needs taking in at the waist, or a belt. I'm thinking a brown belt might be softer than black.

I've been living in this floaty maxi on hot days.

I had to buy his pale green thing because I'd never seen anything like it. It has odd shoulder details and diagonal seams all over the place. The hem is asymmetrical & the fabric is very slinky and slippery (hello, double-sided tape!).

No idea when/where/if I'll ever wear it. Oh! And it does just happen to go nicely with my vintage Joseph La Rose heels.

Here's something I need some opinions on. This slinky purple thing is my favourite shade of purple, but I just don't know if I'll get any wear out of it at this length. It's stretchy and comfortable but it's clearly not quality evening or party wear. The labels are all cut out and part of the purple on the under layer has worn off over one boob.

At this length it is also rather bottom enhancing!I don't mind my behind but I don't think it needs quite this much advertising (which is why I'm putting a photograph of it on the internet, naturally)

Here is an idea of what the dress would look like if I chopped it. No behind shots here!

Short or long? I like the short length but if I chop it I feel like I'm wasting good purple. The chopped piece won't be enough to use for anything else. The longer length is kind of fun.

I would really appreciate any thoughts on this purple number!


  1. I think that you should chop it off. You can always use the purple for some small project if the fabric is good. Maybe a small coin purse or even a hair scarf?


  2. If you chop it off, you could use the extra fabric for a matching bolero or something to coordinate with the dress.

  3. Thanks for the excellent ideas, gals! Much appreciated. xx

  4. You have a fabulous figure for these dresses, loving the slinky green!

  5. It works at either length, but my "blink" reaction, so to speak, is for the shorter skirt length. You have wonderful legs and that hem length is very flattering on you. I second Sean's comment above about making something from the cut off fabric. Perhaps a scarf, small wrap, or tiny purse.

    ♥ Jessica