Friday, 15 February 2013

My week


Yellow camisole - opshopped
Cardi - retail
Polka dot skirt - seen here
 Sandals - old


Ceramic kitty cat measuring cups - ModCloth
Cross-stitch - made just for me by my cousin for a birthday:
"The more men I meet the more I like my cat!"




Cardi - retail
Dress-  ModCloth (now sold out)


 Red flowers - for me
Purple flowers - for Jay




Sew Iconic
Belated Christmas present
 Includes patterns for 10 iconic dress from 10 classic films
(click the cover image for ABE books link)

It's a day off today... after a week of 30 degree days with NO END IN SIGHT of the heat, I think I'm due some couch time.

Happy weekend



  1. Ooohhh, I just adore that you recapped your week with oodles of lovely photos for us. What a stylish, beautiful, adorable (those kitty measuring cups!!!) seven days you had.

    I hope that this week is going every bit as well and that you had a fabulous Valentine's, honey!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. What a fabulous book that is! Such a good idea.
    You look lovely throughout, I especially like the polka dot skirt.

  3. You're week has already been more productive than mine. :-) Love both your skirts. So cute!!

  4. Ooo, it's like a little feast!
    Goodness,those measuring cups are adorable! XXX

  5. Gorgeous all week long - the measuring cups are spectacular and YAY for beautiful flowers!

    Sarah xxx