Sunday, 29 December 2013

So lately....

I have....

Glitterized my new shoes

The shoes are Nude shoes - style name is Mercury

The heel detail on these shoes was gold (yuk) before I took to them...

...with my new favourite nail polish...

...which I am using on everything I can find lately...

Woken up with an awesome instant mullet this morning


Scored some beautiful Christmas baubles from Jay

And swanned around in my new Christmas dress on Christmas day

Dress - Hell Bunny from Mod Cloth. Arrived with one waist tie 6 inches shorter than the other and one of the buttons at the back (the straps are adjustable) popped off the first time I wore it.  
Very annoying.

Now I am on holidays and for once I am not sick, do not have to move house - I have no cares. I hope everyone has had a relaxing and happy holidays.


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Eyebrow update and a photo shoot

So after listening to me moan and whinge about my eyebrows for a week, Jay sat me down in a chair and shaped them for me. They are now much smaller, even and straight. Now I have to learn how to fill them in properly. Also, my eyes appear smaller now. Hmm.

Anyway, eyebrows done, I found myself the recipient of a full makeover. 
I trimmed my fringe to complete the look. 
Here are some photos of the result, which I am posting purely out of vanity because I think I look hot.


Christmas dress photos coming this week!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

My eyebrows and other first world problems

So I wrote a post all about my two year anniversary of blogging, made sure people knew I was still around and then promptly disappeared from Blog Land. 
Way to guarantee my continued online presence.

I've been thinking about blogging a lot lately, whilst not actually doing it, and I really want to get back into it. I had various reasons for stopping for a while, one of them being I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my blog. It was always, dress this, skirt that, sew some things, here are some photos. Same old same old. I wanted people to read my blog and was really just focusing on trying to make it interesting for other people.

So now I'm getting back on track, fer realz this time, and I'm going to make this blog more interesting for myself. There will be more written/less visual posts, a bit of sewing, more daily life happenings. General self-absorbed natterings.

And things I'm just thinking about lately.

1. Eyebrows

Here are my eyebrows.

Now that I'm wearing my hair in a longer fringe, my eyebrows are covered up and I haven't been maintaining them as much as usual. They're thickening up and I'm wondering what to do with them.

Part of me wants to wax them right off and draw them on every day.
Jay draws on her eyebrows and they look quite nice.

Here are some other eyebrows I like.

I also really like 1920's/1930's style brows.

2. And I'm wondering if I should change my fringe. It's gothier to have it shorter, but when it's long I can (inexpertly) curl it up, which I like.

Yes, it's Katy Perry. I want this hair.

3. Tattoos. I have some tattoos on my left forearm, and I've always vaguely planned to turn it into a sleeve.  (I am scratched from pulling sticky weed out of the garden the other day)


 There is a long blank patch of arm which I've so far considered covering with a fairy, based on a pin up girl or show girl, a dragon, some flowers on a vine/branch, or a couple of mice playing on a toadstool. I can't remember where I found all these, I saved them ages ago.

 4. CHRISTMAS. I do love Christmas. Here is my little tree. 

Displaying 20131201_175412.jpg

I have yet to decide on a Christmas dress style/fabric this year... not sure if I will actually get around to making one, but I will try.

I will also try to catch up on other blog reading this week.

And hooray... first blog post in months :)