Thursday, 20 November 2014

Sew buttons?

This is the sister dress to the Peonies Dress, made using the same Simplicity pattern 1873.

I love the print of this fabric! Because the print is so tiny I wanted to use a very simple pattern and let the fabric speak for itself. 
The dress, for some reason, came out very tight at the waist. The peonies dress fits pretty well so I have no idea why this one was different. It fits, but it's best if I don't eat a lot while I'm wearing it. Maybe I should call it the Diet Dress.

This was made back in June... I can't believe my hair was that long! Sadly it is quite a few inches shorter now. Two years of hair dye and bleach, bleach and more bleach have taken their toll and I had to give it a chop *sob*

Thank you for the kind comments on my blog re-launch! I'm still getting the hang of things again and will endeavour to reply and comment as much as possible.



  1. Cute dress! It's super flattering. I love the button fabric!

  2. I'm glad to see you back! Too many bloggers have lost their posting mojo lately. I love the dress, but I can't stand wearing something restrictive around my belly. My rolls always protest too much!

  3. Omg buttons! So much awesome. Don't know what the difference in tightness could be - it may just be the fabric? Some give more than others.

  4. Welcome back to the international sewing community!!! We missed you, girl! Let us see your creations for the season... and your new place!

  5. Love a simple frock design with a stunning print!
    I have the sizing thing happen a lot-I can make the same frock, 3 times in a row (and have), and each one is slightlydifferent in fit! Who knows?! Must be how you hold your mouth!!! XXX

  6. What a cute dress! I always feel sewn into the dresses I make, I wish I had better sewing talents like you x

  7. Beautiful dress !! The print is stunning, dear Lady, it's good idea for it to be the protagonist of dress, certainly you have good ideas, sewing, love your wardrobe !!