Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Got my big girl pants on

I absolutely love, love, love lingerie. I love looking at it, trying it on, buying it, jumping around the house in it, although not necessarily in that order.

One thing that often irks me is the lack of variety in briefs styles when matching them to a bra. More often than not, bras in my size come with teeny tiny matching undies which are so low cut in the waist, I feel like my stomach is going to just hang out over them.

Porcelain bra by Panache
 Because we all have bodies like this. Not.

I much prefer full briefs. Luckily these days you don't have to buy granny pants to be comfortable. There are lots of styles and pretty colours. The catch is that I can usually only buy them separately, because ironically, they only match teeny tiny bra sizes.

Image 1 of Monki Stay Soft Set 
I have these undies. I would need both halves of the bra for one boob. And even that wouldn't fit.

Come ON, lingerie designers. Girls with substantial bosoms like substantial bum coverage too, you know.

Anyway, rant over, I decided to try making some to see how easy it was.

First attempt was a disaster and I am not even going to show them to you. The gusset didn't match the front and back seams, the side seams were all over the place.

I went back to my pattern, which I had traced from a favourite pair of undies, and refined it, this time making sure the seams were all the same lengths (kind of helps).



Of course, I had to make them in purple velvet. Duh.

Don't they go splendidly with my zombie pony tshirt?

The waistband is a little baggy still but that is easily fixed by using a shorter piece of elastic for the waist.

For the legs, I just turned up a hem. The material is stretchy and comfy enough.

It's really not easy trying to take photographs of yourself in your underwear without getting a serious case of camel-toe. I can only assume lingerie models wear massive incontinence pads when they're jumping around in front of the camera.

Anyway, pants ahoy. Maybe I'll just make my own to match my bras from now on and save myself some money.


  1. Major panty envy :) On another note - I hate that pretty much every bra I fall in love with doesn't come in my size. Newsflash Victoria's Secret: buxom babes need cute bras too! Super annoying.

    1. Have you tried Bravissimo? They have a lovely range of ALL sizes and I get all my bras there.

  2. Your analysis of underwear is spot on and you have inspired me to have another go at making some pants for me. Wish I had some stretch velvet!

  3. This is great !!! Who does require firms underwear when you can sew the wonder ?? Love your velvet pants!!

  4. Like i said blogging is addictive stuff, glad your a back i think you are one of the most photogenic individual i have seen on blogs, really
    I see you on Instagram of course but blogging is an entire other story, isn't it
    I know what you said about life taking over, i had my share too, sigh....but things are looking up now
    I will take it one day at a time.

    Welcome back!


  5. Feck yes! Making knickers isn't hard! Making bras, on the other hand....ugh!
    Love the velvet, super slinky!
    Underwear shopping is traumatising.

  6. Once upon a time, there was a small girl who would only wear homemade undies! But she Never had glam purple velvet undies.
    Shopping for undies was very traumatic for the small girl, but thankfully, she grew out of it and learned to love both undies and
    shopping! Her mother was very pleased.

  7. Those are fabulous!! I adore your fabric choice.

  8. More often than not, fuller briefs get my vote as well. I've never been, and will never be a thong or Brazilian bikini kind of gal (alas, Mother Nature did not grant me the Victoria's Secret Angel body needed for such skimpy skivvies). Love your fabric choice here. That dark, inky blue is absolutely gorgeous!

    ♥ Jessica