Sunday, 25 August 2013

And then my hair turned green

I used to look like this

And then this

And more recently, this

And then.... this...

My hair began having a life of its own. After faithfully obeying me and doing what it was told for 8 months, it started to run amok.

The purple turned blue or faded completely. The black which I had been able to bleach to a deep red colour became sort of rusty and orange. The time it took to maintain wasn't worth it any more.

Behold, my plan.

I thought plummy purple hair with a pale pink shaved side would look quite striking. It could even be my new colour theme. I started thinking up nail polish combinations to go with it.

The deep purple worked!

The pale pink dye turned my hair the colour of salmon. After one wash, it became flesh toned. I had a flesh toned patch on my head. I looked half bald. And shiny. I was so upset I didn't take any photos. You'll just have to imagine my shiny salmon hair.

Plan B.

One of these pinks, when washed over with peroxide, would surely turn into a nice soft pink colour. 
I was right. It turned out a beautiful, soft and extremely patchy pale pink. Now I had a patch of hair which looked like it had been coloured by a 3 year old.

 I was so annoyed at this point I was ready to just shave the whole lot off.

Final plan of action. Colour hair with pink. Wash several times. Pink should fade to appropriate shade.

YES. It worked.

But, BUT, after all that washing.

my lovely plummy purple hair...

went green.



I am seriously tempted to just cover the whole lot up with pitch black and have done with it.

I really miss my purple hair.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Black tulle

 Jay wears black. A lot. In fact, it's pretty much all she wears. So when she requested a skirt, the colour scheme was easy to choose.

I used a simple circle skirt design with no waistband. 

 The lining is the facing and, for extra swooshiness, a layer of tulle is stitched to the lower edge of the lining.


This is our new courtyard too... the house move is DONE and we're pretty settled in. This means more sewing posts are coming!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013




Quick pause for a sunbeam...

"Hey, rabbit. This is my photo shoot. Beat it."



 This is Milo. Who needs words when you have fluff this magnificent?

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Pixie the Pin-Up Bunny

This is Pixie


Pixie is beautiful

Pixie is small and soft

Pixie will eat what she pleases

Pixie has plenty of admirers

Pixie is sleepy

Pixie is a natural born pin-up girl

This is Pixie

(Totally forgot to queue these up before I moved house. Oops.)