Sunday, 23 March 2014

Wide leg jeans

Jeans or trousers are something I don't make very often. I don't wear them often and/or I prefer skinny leg styles. 

Saying that, I do love high waisted, wide leg styles but I find they're not so easy to come by or terribly flattering. 

This pattern is Vogue 8751. I've been wanting to make some good quality denim trousers and this is a great simple pattern to start with. I'll get to things like studs and pockets when I'm more familiar with such a heavy fabric.
I used a mid weight denim with no stretch for these in size 12. No alterations required. I used a narrow hem at the lower leg edge so I can turn these up into nice cuffs (although they'll hover above my ankles if I do so that option probably won't be taken).

I only have two issues with these. One is my fault; I placed the lower hook and eye closure too far out and you can see it. No big deal but annoying enough for me.

The other issue is that these make my backside look really flat! I mean I'm no Coco Austin but this is not a good look! I don't like this photo much but you can see what I mean here. Possibly I could take in the seam a little around the back but I'm not going to touch these now that they're done. I'll experiment with another pair.

Also, how cute is my top!? It's a Rock Steady top from Mod Cloth but I got it a while ago so I think it will be sold out now.

Anyway, there you go. Jeans. Now I just have to wear them.

The end.

Sunday, 16 March 2014


Ear tufts!

This is Jack (aka Jack-o'-Lantern). 

Jack was in need of a home and came to us on Friday.

As I type, he is literally digging his claws into my backside. Apparently, it is a toy for him.

Everything is a toy for Jack. Feet are toys. Clothes are toys. Curtains are toys (NO THEY'RE NOT). Ribbons and bits of old stuffed animals are toys (these are fine).

Is that the beginning of a mane I spy?

He spends all night sleeping with me, then Jay, then me, then Jay....

He gorgeous and he is loved.

Monday, 10 March 2014


This was supposed to be a post about a pair of wide-leg jeans I'm making, but the zip just broke and now I Hate Them. So here are some headscarves instead.

I really like this look but I didn't just want a rectangle or triangle of fabric wrapped around my head. After trying out some pleats and gathers I've settled on this design. It's a rectangle, with a centre pleat or fold, and attached tie ends. 

The pleat means there isn't a heap of fabric bunched up around the knot, which is specifically what I wanted to avoid. 


These photos were taken in a hot sewing room so my hair is getting more and more frizzy as these photos go on.

So far I've made a few, and I have a heap of leftover fabric to make more. I also want to make some with long tie ends, to wear more as a headband with the ties hanging down, and some in silkier fabric.

I'm thinking of selling these but I'm not sure what the interest in them would be. If anyone has any suggestions for design or fabric I would love to hear them.