Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Biscuit Face

This is Biscuit Face.

Biscuit Face, or BF, is a neighbour cat who pops round for a chat every now and then.

I call him BF because the first time he came over, Molly was very unimpressed and was Not Friendly. She hissed and ran away and refused to come out and be friends. She was being a Garbage Face.

BF, on the other hand, was being exceptionally sweet and friendly. So he became Biscuit Face.

When I first saw him, I wasn't even sure if he was a cat. He was sitting at the back door with all his winter fluff on, looking like an enormous possum/cat/freak.

BF is a bit of an idiot. He's very friendly and playful, but if he decides you've done something wrong, he gets very bitey and scratchy, and not in a playful way.

I accidentally stuck my finger in his ear when I scratched his head so he was probably justified in getting snarky today.

Then he really wanted to come inside.

He tried being cute. (I don't know why his mouth is open. Was he meowing? Yawning? No idea)

He tried to claw the front door open!

I said No.

Then I said Yes.

He burned up the hall so fast I couldn't get a decent photo of him inside the house. Luckily, he headed straight for the back door (wailing his head off the whole time, so Molly got completely freaked out).

And straight into the backyard, where he belongs.

He has lovely blue eyes, but it's cloudy today so they don't show up very well. I always take about 50 million photos of him when he comes over so I'm sure I'll have better ones sooner or later.

I love BF.

Monday, 26 March 2012


Ah, material possessions. This week I feel my life would be enhanced by the following items:

A blue polka dot dress.

The Style Me Vintage books.

A lovely pair of new heels

And this entire outfit (or at least the coat!) as worn by Essie Davis in the latest episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (IMDb link there)

I'm determined to have a go at replicating the coat... (sometimes I actually do some sewing!)

Shoes & dress from ModCloth
Books from AbeBooks

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Par-tay pics

So last night was party time...

...in the end I only wore half of my costume as it was so freaking cold!

Which is not to suggest I was half dressed! The lower half of my costume was originally a navy pencil skirt. This was replaced with indigo jeans, which still looked hot! And I still wore my fantastic Pin Up Couture heels. I bought the top, and added the red neck-tie-thing, and ironed on the anchor motif.

Now here are some photos of me with a bunch of my friends...

Me & Fi (blurry! argh...)

Me & gorgeous Tiffany

with Captain Ben

Me & the lovely Bron

Fi busting a move or two!

and most importantly..

Me & my Other Half, who is now living her life as her true self - as a transgendered girl named Jay

I think we look quite cute in our matching sailor girl tops!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Monday, 19 March 2012

Speaking of shoes...

...this little bundle of joy arrived for me today!

This is my first pair of Pin Up Couture shoes. I have been coveting them since, oh, forever. I couldn't decide which pair to get, so I went with a relatively sedate style to make sure I got the right size & could stand up in them, etc.

They're fairly easy to walk in, height-wise, but they're rather slippery. Need sandpapering.

Eeeee! Very exciting. This is turning into quite a shoe blog lately... I'll get some sewing done sooner or later (probably when I stop buying shoes).

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Socks & shoes

Dilemma: wearing heels without hurting my feet or wearing 50 bandaids on each foot.


Socks - Dangerfield
Snakeskin heels - Unique Shoes
Black t-strap heels - Target
Red heels - Modcloth
Black patent heels - no idea
Black suede heels - Target
Blue sandals - Modcloth