Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Helgastock2014 dress

I received this fabric from the lovely Helga von Trollop at Helgastock2014 a few weeks ago! It is just fabulous and exactly the right fabric for a new frock. Thank you Helga, I LOVE it!

As the fabric is so bright and busy I kept the pattern very simple. 
This is the slip dress from McCalls 6646.

I added in a second should strap as one on each side looked a bit insubstantial. No other alterations.

Here are some of my photos from Helgastock2014 - other installments from saucy wenches Sarah and Helga can be seen here and here

I have not been commenting on blogs for the last couple of weeks as I am still getting my bearings with my recently revamped life. I feel bad for this but I am still responding to comments at least! I start part-time work next week and have been industriously buying home wares in purple to decorate my house... when I'm not sitting on the couch watching all the Harry Potter films for the billionth time.


Saturday, 5 April 2014

China blue

Damn and blast all washed out photos! 

This fabric - a bed sheet I picked up in an op-shop - was originally white, which looked far too stark for a dress and since when do I wear white anyway? So I took to it with a packet of China Blue dye.

The pattern is New Look 6587, view D.

Alterations: I took the bodice waaaaaay in. It looks loose on the model on the pattern envelope but fitted in the design drawings. Considering it has princess seams I don't really understand why it would be so loose-fitting. So I took mine in.

The other alteration is I used a zip instead of buttons. I really just don't enjoy the fiddlyness of buttons and matching them up with button holes, blah blah blah... and I just happened to have a zip which matched perfectly.

Brief life update: 
I have quite my job of 10 years, and my final week is next week. This is rather scary but I am looking forward to a change. 
Jay and I have split up. We had a wonderful time together and I am glad I can still call her a friend.

And, and! I have a new tattoo! You can see half of it here and in the third photo above. It is two swallows, one on each shoulder. I only had it done on Wednesday so it's still quite bruised and tender.

AND in a few short hours I'll be attending the debauchery that is Helgastock2014! There may or may not be photos, depending on how incriminating they are...

So yes. New dress, new tattoo, new life. Loving it.

(final gratuitous photo just because I like it)