Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Helgastock2014 dress

I received this fabric from the lovely Helga von Trollop at Helgastock2014 a few weeks ago! It is just fabulous and exactly the right fabric for a new frock. Thank you Helga, I LOVE it!

As the fabric is so bright and busy I kept the pattern very simple. 
This is the slip dress from McCalls 6646.

I added in a second should strap as one on each side looked a bit insubstantial. No other alterations.

Here are some of my photos from Helgastock2014 - other installments from saucy wenches Sarah and Helga can be seen here and here

I have not been commenting on blogs for the last couple of weeks as I am still getting my bearings with my recently revamped life. I feel bad for this but I am still responding to comments at least! I start part-time work next week and have been industriously buying home wares in purple to decorate my house... when I'm not sitting on the couch watching all the Harry Potter films for the billionth time.



  1. HP does it for me every. single. time. So does that incredible fabric, I've never seen multi-coloured spots in that size (yes I notice stuff like that). As for the frock - sweet jaysus it's gorgeous and the addition of the extra straps looks fabulous, especially framing your back wings. LOVE!!! The pics of you and the wenches are magical sweetie, I'm so glad you made it to Helgastock, I hope the hi-jinks helped boost your spirits with all the changes in your life. Big hugs lovely xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Looks like loads of fun!! :) And I love your new frock, so cute and flattering on you and I enjoy the pop of boots, so cute.

  3. Polka-dots make a dress look happy, what a lovely gift of the fabric from Helga. Helgastock looks amazing - you all look amazing. Looking forward to seeing the purple things for your home. Have a good weekend, :-)

  4. Woo! Great dress - cute and sexy at the same time!
    I'm always envious when I see pictures from Helgastock. It looks like such a great time.
    Hours of Harry Potter sounds like an ideal weekend for me - I love me some Weasley twins.

  5. great dress .... good to see that helga stock is growing! looks like you guys had lots of fun!
    maybe one day we will celebrate helga stock all over the world. would be fun. :)

  6. Such a gorgeous wee frock! I'm so stocked you liked the fabric, and that you made something so bloody quick! Putting me to SHAME!!!!
    And just look at that teensy waist and scrummy boobage!
    Ooo, great to see some more pics of our mad night out! I loved it so and wish we could do it all again tomorrow!