Friday, 4 January 2013

Dinner Plate skirt

This skirt has nothing to do with dinner plates, or any crockery whatsoever. The colours just remind me of the Blue Willow china pattern.

Like most people, I'm finding it easy to stick to my new year's resolutions while the year is still less than a week old. I thought this skirt style would look horrible on me, but I quite like it. Don't know if Vogue sizes have changed lately, but the last few new patterns I've bought have required little to no alterations. I cut out size 12, I make it, it fits. 

For this skirt, I added a seam allowance to the yoke in case the gathering sat too high, ie right on my stomach. I think it will be fine to make without the extra allowance.

That's right, half my hair is missing.

Pattern: Vogue 8295, view A/B/C

Slip worn as camisole - op-shopped
Ring - Samantha Wills
Nails - Revlon Royal & Chi Chi Girl Gone Wild

40 degree heat. Trying to get back to my posing position before the timer goes off. Dodging water bowls for the birds.

Who else is feeling amazingly awesome and smug about keeping resolutions already? Awesommmmmme. Go us.


  1. Daring you, wowwwwwwwwwwwww your hair is unique and I want your gorgeous skirt.
    Happy 2013, my wonderful friend

  2. I am feeling amazingly awesome and smug about my new year’s resolutions so far. I know I've only covered one but know that the others that I will talk about later are also going awesome!

    Love the skirt it looks great on you. I am still ogling your hair!


  3. Way to go! Love this skirt on you. I have yet to start some of my resolutions, one because I came down with the flue AGAIN!!! Ugh!

  4. Your skirt looks way better than the pattern photos!! Schaaaaawiiiiiing! Gorgeous! Yay for keeping up with the sewing:). I absolutely adore your beautiful creations, every single one of them - you're an inspiration my lovely:) xo

  5. Love that skirt - you are so frickin talented! Fabric and fit are perfect. This heat is SHITE. Thanks for looking after the birds! Sarah xxx

  6. Awww, that skirt is so terrifically lovely. I have such a passion for pretty floral patterns (all the more so if they're vintage) and like to joke that my closet looks more like a garden (at least in the dress section). It is such a great length for warm weather, and it looks marvelous on you, may I add.

    Happiest Tuesday wishes, gorgeous gal,
    ♥ Jessica