Monday, 27 January 2014

Strawberry dress

 Six hours, no lunch and several re-plays of Marina and the Diamonds later....

...I have a new dress!


This is the sister-dress to the Daisy dress. It's the same pattern with a neckline variation.


 This is the pattern... the version I made is the white/floral version on the left

Alterations:  I left the waist ties off because they just annoy me.
I extended the front yoke to make it deeper because, in the design photo, it just looks like a strip of fabric, and slightly strangulatory. I wanted it to look like it was actually part of the dress.

Dropping it seemed to affect the neckline, so I had to add a couple of little tucks to the neckline, under the yoke. You can sort of see them here.

I also dropped the waist waaaay down in front, giving it a curve. This is more flattering than the Daisy Dress but still not awesome. I think gathered skirts and me Just Don't Go Together.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Daisy dress


Finally, I have sewn a creation again. It has been a while. This was made with Simplicity 1803

More specifically, this view, without the waist tie

Alterations: I dropped the waist in the front by about an inch, and had to take in the seams under the bust for more definition to the bodice. I also opened up the split in the neckline at the front because it sits rather high, and was creating the dreaded mono-boob. 

Apart from that, I made it in size 12 and it fitted pretty well...

...except for the front. It pokes out over the stomach, which is the one thing I try to avoid with all my dresses. I tried pressing the gathering, and it still pokes out. This is just how the dress sits:

Yick. That is not my stomach. It's all dress.

I do like the neckline though.

And how GIRLY is this fabric?? Not only is it covered in daisies, it's also covered in strawberries, AND polka dots, like OMG.


Am going to try belt variations to deal with that stupid waistline at the front.

And in other news... I'm now on Facebooks. I gave in, and joined the masses (and some of you already found me! Hoorah!). There is now a big blue F on the right hand side of my blog you can click on to follow and be my BFF, or you can just click here...