Friday, 7 June 2013

Winter sewing project

It's coming!


  1. It looks fabulous.
    Have a grand weekend.

  2. Exciting! I can't wait to see!

  3. Fabulous teaser! Red and black is one of my all-time favourite colour combos. I reach for it year round, but especially so during the chilly much. In fact, I was wearing it so often this past winter, that I actually had to make a conscious effort to mix things up with other hues some days.

    Thank you very much for your terrifically nice comment on my Jitterbuggin' outfit post, sweet gal. It means a lot to me to know that you understand the difficulties associated with recovering from surgery. I had a setback two weekends ago and have been on bedrest again ever since, but I'm starting to feel a touch better again (yay!), so hopefully I'll be out and about again soon.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I couldn't help but read "It's coming" in my head in the same voice as the classic "They're here" line in The Poltergeist. :D

  4. Ooo, I already love the color. Can't wait now!

  5. No way!!!!!!!!! You're making that??????? Oh god help me, I'm fainting with desire already!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. Ooooooh how fun! Can't wait to see your magic!