Monday, 6 May 2013

Good night, shirt

Cold days and some very chilly nights are starting to hunker down in Melbourne at last. My pj/nightie drawer is rather depleted at present so I've decided to make some winter woolies. I found this soft brushed cotton in Spotlight and it just screamed "Night shirt!" at me.

A night shirt is not exactly feminine but they're comfortable and roomy, and I enjoy wearing them with bootie style slippers and imagining I look hot.

Here is the pattern I used, from 1980. I think I made view A, but I added about 10 inches to the hem.


I even made the proper sleeves and all, but I left the buttons off them. I like to push my sleeves up and feel trapped if they won't go higher than my wrists. And if they get wet it's very annoying.

I placed the bust pocket lower down at the hip for easy tissue storage and wot not. I forgot to cut the button tab as long as the shirt, so instead I sewed the shirt closed at the bottom of the tab. This worked out well as now I won't have to worry about it flapping open at inopportune moments.

And where do I sleep, anyway?

Why, right here.

This is my little sleeping friend. He is a bit bigger than a cat and fits nicely into my arm. He was a present from Jay not long after we met.

Here is my bedside table, with its slightly dusty Tiffany-style lamp and various odds and ends.

Wall art, special post cards and birthday cards, and my entire flower brooch collection.

Hankies on top of books to stop them getting dusty.

Note my artistic photographing techniques too.

Jewellery dish overflowing with pendants, rings, brooches, chains and miscellaneous bits and pieces

My not tested-on-animals skin care range, neatly hidden behind a home made birthday card for my 30th last year from Jay.

(And my fringe... see that red hair piece? That's what I wear every day because my old little short fringe is STILL growing out)

 The ever growing to-be-read pile of books

And some fragrance choices (which are probably tested on animals...hrmm...)

Night night.



  1. What a splendidly lovely post - I've seen a lot of "what's in my purse" or "what's in my make-up bag" kinds of posts, but not too many that shared the writer's bedroom and some of their nighttime routine (which, let's face it, is generally going to be more interesting than the contents of just one little bag). Such a fun idea! (I might have to tuck this great away to do my own version of someda.)

    Sweet dreams, dear gal,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you! And please do! I'd love to see into others' bedtime spaces too (without meaning to sound weird about it....!)

  2. How neat for you to share a bit of your sleep space. I love your birthday card. I got a Marilyn one from my sister for my 23rd and LOVE it to pieces. I may have to do the same with mine. I've thought about doing this after I get my room reorganized. I'm getting a new bed frame {finally getting the daybed I've always wanted} and will have to give people a tour!

    1. Oh cool! I wanted a daybed for years but never got one. I love my card too :)

  3. How wonderful to be able to see a bit of your home.

    1. Thanks! Who doesn't enjoy peeking into someone else's house?

  4. This makes me want to call in sick to work, make a cup of hot coco, and watch 8 hours of Twin Peaks. Hmmmm....sounds like a plan.

    Mabel Cooks

    1. It DOES sound like a plan. I will join you :)

  5. well it's getting warm on our side!
    Love your shirt, nicely done, looks very confy!
    I love you bedside table and all your things, so nice to share with us
    My side of the bed is similar very conforting right?



    1. Indeed, it's nice to have my little corner just for me! Thank you!