Friday, 18 January 2013

H & R London polka dot dress + an award

 Hello Blogland and bloggy buddies. After a brief unplanned hiatus I Am Back. 
I had to take a little break here after rushing off to hospital to have my appendix out a couple of weeks ago. And I would just like to say, to everyone who told me it was so routine, that I'd be up and about after a few days - what a load of bollocks. I felt awful and it took more than a few days to get back on my feet.
Anyway, I'm much recovered now and ready for my close up.

I bought this gorgeous dress online last week to cheer myself up, as I wasn't in any state to even think about sewing. You can nab it here

My shoes were opshopped.

As you can see my pink hair is fading and in need of a going-over post haste.

Eeep Petticoat Alert! 

Whilst catching up with everyone's blogs today I discovered the lovely Melanie of The Folly Bird has bestowed the Liebster Blog award upon me. Thank you Melanie!!

And now I have some questions from Melanie to answer...

 1) What was the last book you read? Did you enjoy it?

The last book I read was The Truth, by Terry Pratchett. I re-read it for about the 10th time as I couldn't concentrate on anything new lately. I did indeed enjoy it, again. I'm also still plowing my way through the bloody Faberge Egg book (see top left of blog page)

2) Andy Warhol claimed "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes". Have you had your fifteen minutes?

I like to think of this blog as my 15 minutes. 

3) Is there a past fashion trend, (let's say pre-1962) that you find absurd?

Yes. Yes there is. Those ridiculous ruffle neck ruff things. How could they possibly ever have been a trend?? I guarantee they will never ever come back into fashion.

4) Are they any vintage fashion 'icons' that you really just don't like?

No one comes to mind immediately, so I'm going to have to say no. Unless you count anyone who wore the above neck ruffle things. Not A Fan.

5) What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

There have been many mornings I've woken up from a night of alcoholic excess and thought, Ohhh...crap. Oh, why did I say/do that? Fortunately I can honestly say those days are behind me now. And no, I'm not going to mention anything specifically.

6) Have you met any famous people?

John Marsden came to my high school once.  He asked what I had scribbled all over my pink glasses case. (I believe they were lyrics to a Veruca Salt song) And I met a couple of members from Marilyn Manson backstage once, but I can't remember who exactly they were (no autographs either, darn it all to heck).

7) What was the last thing you purchased?

This gorgeous green dress from ASOS, which should arrive on Monday :)

Image 1 of Traffic People Maxi Dress In Tribal Butterfly Dress

8) What's in your handbag/purse right now?

Three red lipsticks, several doctor's certificates, bloody myki bloody cards, my wallet, keys and bundles of tissues.

9) What is your favourite television programme?

Currently, Frasier. I've been working my way through it while recovering on the couch over the past couple of weeks. 

10) Is there something that most people can do, that you simply can't?

I absolutely cannot walk up or down stairs/steps without looking where I'm going. How do people in films and on tv manage to go trotting at top speed up (or down) steps without looking at their feet? I feel like I'm about to fall if I don't look where I'm going. I'm sure most other people are capable of conquering stairs without checking their feet every step of the way.


I feel famous now! I will be back in the next couple of days with some sewing projects I have almost finished. And to end on a high note, or just in case you forgot, here is my lovely blue dress again.



  1. Love the new dress/outfit. I can't believe your were gone because of your appendix. I hope you mend soon! Missed you around here.


    1. Aw, thank you! I missed Blogland and everyone too.

  2. There she is!
    Fraking awesomely cute frock, just what the doctor ordered!
    Frigging hell, suck about your appendix! Anytime you have to be under general anesthetic is not a good time.That shit's bad!
    Yay, you're up and at 'em and looking none the worse for wear!

    1. It was really crap. And the painkillers they gave me made me worse. I agree this blue dress is the best medicine!

  3. Bloody arsebiscuit - appendicitis!!! Hope you are feeling as good as you look in that pretty dress, love! It's the perfect silhouette on you. You ARE famous! Sarah xxx

    1. I am feeling MUCH better now, thank you! I even left the house for the first time today since it happened.

  4. My very sweet dear, I am so, so sorry to hear about your recent surgery. I can relate - I had my gallbladder out 2010 and was told I'd feeling shipshape in a couple of weeks. No dice at all. It was a month before I could stand up without passing out from the pain and about eight months before I felt like I'd pretty much healed up completely from the surgery (minus the fact that I quickly developed post-cholecystectomy syndrome). I hope dearly that you feel back to your old self a whole lot quicker than that and will be sending countless healing wishes your way.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much Jessica! I'm much better now but I'll be glad when my stitches and every little detail have all healed up. Your recovery sounded awful too you poor thing!

  5. I hope you're feeling much better now xxx
    Your dress is absolutely gorgeous and you look stunning in it!
    I loved reading your answers. I fully understand your stair thing, I don't know how women in old films manage to glide down stairs, eyes straight ahead in heels and a long dress! The ruff trend reminds me that a few years back now on the telly there was a group of teenage girls in London who were intent on bringing back the ruff and wore them to school with long dresses, of course it was never going to catch on, as obviously none of the other girls would even dream of wearing one.

    1. That's hilarious. The ruff doesn't even have any vaguely practical purpose let alone aesthetic value.
      I always have to hold long dresses and skirts up to my knees when I'm on stairs!

  6. First congrats for the award! i don't get them anymore cause i don't do the homework, so bad!
    But you deserve it!
    Major surgery is not easy it takes a while before you get over it for sure!
    The dress is splendid, wonderful color for you
    Yes pink fades fast! Mine is all gone and i have to bleach my hair again, and i think i will put a bit less pink this time because of the coming interviews.

    Have a great weekend


    1. Thank you! I think this hair is going to take some major upkeep.

  7. I did wonder what happened to you, girl! I'm so sorry to hear you have been in recovery for post-surgery. :( And yes, it is a crock that they say you'll be up and about in a couple days. I'm callin' it BS!! When you have an organ removed you don't feel great. PERIOD! Congrats on your blogger award. I too consider my blog as my 15 minutes. :)

    1. Thank you Sean! AGREED. Total BS. I kept having to remind myself not to panic about getting well because I had indeed had an entire organ removed from my body. Who recovers from this in a week? No one!

  8. Going to hospital is never a small business. I am glad you are recoveres and glorious in that blue dress, my gorgeous friend.

    1. Thank you my dear, I feel much better now, especially in this dress! Fashion is the best medicine I've found!

  9. Hello dear!
    Nice blog you have!
    I think we should follow each other!
    What do you say ? Kisses . Muuuuah

  10. First time on your blog, love the dress and your amazing hair-do...x