Sunday, 4 March 2012

Vogue 8346

The pink coat.

Made with zero alterations! I actually followed a pattern to the letter for once.

Oh, well, I used 4 buttons instead of 6. Here is the pattern.

I should have been able to wear this coat last winter, but I got a little lazy with it. Better late than never.

Pale pink doesn't feature much in my wardrobe. It just doesn't occur to me. This suede-y stuff is so lovely and soft, and easy to sew with. I lined it in white, thinking it would go with the pink, but it turned out to be slightly transparent.

It's not a very warm coat, but it will do for cold sunny winter days. This is not a coat for wet muddy weather. I'm also thinking about making a detachable fur collar to go with it.

The thing I love about this design is the way it curves into the back and then flares out.

It's a little crinkly after being 'stored' for the past year (ie, flung over the back of my chair waiting to be finished) but I'm not sure I can just take an iron to this fabric. I'm hoping all the lines will just magically fall out when I wear it.

I kept my face out of these photos because Molly threw a hissy fit the other day when I dared to hug her and she actually scratched me right down the middle of my nose. It's not pretty.

At least the coat is pretty! Bring on winter!