Sunday, 4 March 2012

Lessons in sleeping

You know how people in films always look either immaculate or perfectly dishevelled when they're sleeping or just waking up? Here's how to achieve that look.

1. Find a comfortable position. A side position works best for maximum posing potential.

2. Stretch all your toes as you wake up. It's super adorable.

3. When rolling over, be sure to keep all paws curled. Curled feet are cute.

4. Be sure to retain your modesty at all times.

5. Having half your face smooshed is always a winner. It's cute and silly. The camera loves cute and silly.

6. Closed eyes are optional, but if you know you're being watched, definitely keep them closed.

7. You'll be irresistible with this elongated chin pose.

Vulnerable and cute - it's a winning combination. Be sure to keep your fur ruffled just so.

Happy napping.


  1. Lok at the modest tail-tween-the-legs pose. She is so lovely and fluffy, right now.

  2. Awwww a kitty!!!! What's his or her name???

    Mabel Time

    1. This is Miss Molly! She is a totally snobby princess & hates everyone except me.