Monday, 12 March 2012

Floral maxi skirt

This was made with a retro skirt pattern from 1977. I've never heard of Style patterns except for this one. I'm wondering if it's what Burda Style was called before it was Burda Style? Probably not. The instructions and pattern pieces all have translations from English to German though.

Anyway, it's exceptionally easy to make. I used view 4, the one with the little x under it.

Alterations: The length. I added about 13" to bring it down from knee length to floor length.

The waist. The pattern has a very simple waistband. One long piece of fabric, folded in half. I don't like narrow waistbands (too stomach-cutting-into for me) so I doubled the width of it. This made it rather baggy in the back, so I added 6 little darts to try and flatten it down.

This gives the waist a bit of a curve at the back, and it sort of bubbles a little bit, but I'd rather have that than a waistband that flops open and sticks out.

The skirt has a side zip fastening. Easy easy.

I just like these pictures because I look nice and slim (too bad my head got lopped off).

I tried to do something fancy with my hair for this photoshoot. See my new purpley fringe?

The wind kept ruining it.

This one turned out nicely though.

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  1. That skirt is amazing! I'm in love with floral prints:))