Sunday, 18 August 2013

Black tulle

 Jay wears black. A lot. In fact, it's pretty much all she wears. So when she requested a skirt, the colour scheme was easy to choose.

I used a simple circle skirt design with no waistband. 

 The lining is the facing and, for extra swooshiness, a layer of tulle is stitched to the lower edge of the lining.


This is our new courtyard too... the house move is DONE and we're pretty settled in. This means more sewing posts are coming!


  1. Cute, cute skirt!! Jay looks fab. I really need to get a tulle skirt.

  2. She looks so cool, especially in those boots. This skirt is awesome, I really need to learn to sew...

    I'm glad you've gotten into a new home!

    Life of Mabel

  3. I love skirts with tulle looking out from under the skirts. That's really pretty!

  4. Slick! Love the tulle touch! I am hankering for a bit of black lately....sometimes I just need a bit of darkness, I suppose!
    YAY for being all moved in! I look forward to more sewing posts..XXX

  5. Very cool (and stylish!) creation. The swish of tulle is unexpected and very feminine, but with a dark, mysterious side as well, thanks to the midnight hue. Awesome sewing and styling job, dear gals!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Oooh, very rocker chic! Your new courtyard is pretty! Glad your move is over and you're settling in!

  7. I don't think you can beat a good black ensemble :) Love the tulle detail and the boots!

  8. Fan-bloody-tastic!!! The skirt is amazing and I can see Jay getting sooooo much wear out of it, the tulle at the bottom is such a lush touch:) xoxoxoxoxoxo

  9. Lovely skirt, it looks fab on Jay, she looks like she's off skating :)

  10. good to hear, that the move is done!
    the skirt looks so awesome on jay ... for sure she will wear it a lot. perfect length!

  11. Isn't nice to be settled in?
    Moves are the worst and the best
    I love a new location but hate the packing and unpacking!
    The skirt is very, very pretty

  12. Jay looks fantastic in that skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I need you by my side making skirts for me too, lol
    Much love to you both.