Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Eyebrow update and a photo shoot

So after listening to me moan and whinge about my eyebrows for a week, Jay sat me down in a chair and shaped them for me. They are now much smaller, even and straight. Now I have to learn how to fill them in properly. Also, my eyes appear smaller now. Hmm.

Anyway, eyebrows done, I found myself the recipient of a full makeover. 
I trimmed my fringe to complete the look. 
Here are some photos of the result, which I am posting purely out of vanity because I think I look hot.


Christmas dress photos coming this week!


  1. You DO look hot! Nice one Jay! :-D

  2. Damn right you look hot gorgeous!!! HELLZ!!!!!! Your beautiful green eyes actually look HUGE with the fringe and Jay's spectacular brow handiwork! Oooooh Christmas frockage to come? Yes please. xoxo

  3. Hi there!

    Long time no see! Good that you are getting back to blogging - I had my ups and downs with blogging lately - I guess with blogging you have to concentrate on what you do best and this is what will keep people from coming back - Me I'm not a writer at all but i put together the most ecclectic and colorful outfits so i try to stick to that and i like to put a bit of my life into it - - You are extraordinaire with sewing and plus your style is fabulous - You should incorporate Jay more often and do things like - how would Jay style this? or Jay could write your post - her views on what you are wearing or doing - Or Jay could on the post and you write about it, - I always found this angle interesting -

    Anyway just shooting ideas

    I love your eyebrows and the short bangs are right for you -

  4. You do and love your bangs. I've been itching to chop mine in the same way. But I'm waiting for my hair to grow into full bob length first.

  5. Gorgeous!!! Flat out gorgeous brows, bangs, whole lady! :) You have such piercing, evocative, stunning eyes and your new brows and fringe really help bring out their transcendent beauty.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. *wolf whistles* Don't you look gorgeous, well done Jay!

  7. You DO look hot!
    Jay has done a lovely job, and the Betty Page-ish fringe is SEXY!