Sunday, 29 December 2013

So lately....

I have....

Glitterized my new shoes

The shoes are Nude shoes - style name is Mercury

The heel detail on these shoes was gold (yuk) before I took to them...

...with my new favourite nail polish...

...which I am using on everything I can find lately...

Woken up with an awesome instant mullet this morning


Scored some beautiful Christmas baubles from Jay

And swanned around in my new Christmas dress on Christmas day

Dress - Hell Bunny from Mod Cloth. Arrived with one waist tie 6 inches shorter than the other and one of the buttons at the back (the straps are adjustable) popped off the first time I wore it.  
Very annoying.

Now I am on holidays and for once I am not sick, do not have to move house - I have no cares. I hope everyone has had a relaxing and happy holidays.



  1. Wow, the shoes look great - never thought about using nail polish before! I painted a pair of shoes with proper shoe paint but it was not very successful. I love the purple colour. Your dress is gorgeous, but I would also be very annoyed with the button popping off and a mismatched tie. I would expect a lot more. Jay chose you three beautiful necklaces, the dragon one is amazing. Hope you and Jay enjoy the holiday season.

  2. Aaaaaah a real holiday, how wonderful! Lots of relaxing and daytime naps and movies to be done. Your frock is incredible on you! If you'd made it though, you would have done a much better job of the details. Nail polish on heels, why didn't I ever think of that, it looks amazing!! You're a cutie first thing in the morning and Jay gives such lovely gifts. xoxo

  3. Strawberries, ohhhh my gosh, the darling little strawberries!!! Sorry, I have an unending love for fruit and vegetable related clothing and accessories, amongst which things featuring strawberries one of my very favourites. I'm sorry that this dress arrived with some issues right off the bat. That's not cool! I've never ordered anything from Hell Bunny, but will certainly keep your experience here in mind if I ever do.

    Tons of hugs & countless happy New Year wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Stunning shoes and isn't funny it matches the nail polish?
    Modcloth, I am not impress as well! the quality is not worth the price they charge - Better get their stuff while on sale! But it's such an adorable dress!


  5. Fabulous job. I must try.
    Loving your dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Happy New Year, gorgeousssssssss

  6. Gorgeous outfit!!! Love that floral Modest dresses :)