Sunday, 10 February 2013

Australian adverts 1889 - 1975

1889 - 1900



1902 - 1913

1914 - 1919

1920 - 1927


1928 - 1933

1934 - 1938


1939 - 1945


1946 - 1954

 1955 - 1975

 These adverts and photographs are all taken from Social Sketches of Australia by Humphrey McQueen (link to ABE books). Jay found a copy and gave it to me knowing I love all things "old." Unfortunately the ads grow fewer and fewer throughout the later decades (1950's - 1970's).

I'd like to try the rust proof corsets and Preservene soap, thanks! (No toil!)

Happy Sunday.


  1. Old adverts just kill me!
    There's a couple of gorgeous old pix amongst these too.

  2. I only read those gorgeous old mags and newspapers for the ads - hehee!! Aren't they amazing? What a find!!! OMG Books for the Married - what a hoot! xo

  3. How fun! I love looking at these. They remind us that, not long ago, people used to be heavier and viewed weight as a sign of health. Now, people are too thin and think skinny is the only option.

  4. I enjoyed this post a great deal, thank you very much for sharing such a wide array of Aussie adverts and photos with us (I especially adore the 1940s one of the gal at the microphone).

    ♥ Jessica