Monday, 17 December 2012

Cherry bomb

Yikes. How early did I get up to take these photos? Too bloody early for someone on holidays.

Hence the protective face furniture.

I've wanted a cherry dress for a long time, but finding quality fabric has been a problem. (see what a hard life I have? Waaah...I can only find CHEAP cherry fabric... darn it all to heck).

Poor old Doris is looking a bit worse for wear; all these photo shoots really take it out of a gal.

The only thing I'd like to change about this dress is the low cut at the sides, resulting in rather more bra-displayage than I'd like. So I saved my modesty with a little cardi at a pre-Christmas picnic this weekend.

And yes, that IS pink in my hair. I'm getting a bit bored with my hair; it hasn't changed in a while so I'm testing some options before I do anything drastic.

Pink hair, Very Cherry lips, and cherry gingham shoes... you'd think I was a girl or something...

Ah, the delirium of an early morning...

Pattern: Vogue 8766 
(View C with modified neckline and straps)
Shoes: Modcloth
Dress fabric: Spotlight


  1. I'm going to be singing that song...well, the ch-ch-ch CHERRY BOMB bit....all afternoon!
    fab frock.Such a sweet simple and sexy stlye,and CHERRIES! Hurrah!
    Ha, I often have my sunnies on for similar reasons.....usually hayfever.
    We appreciate your getting up early for these pix!

  2. How spectacularly sweet! Love this juicy cherry print - it was well worth the wait, dear gal. Fabulous job on your new frock, I adore it!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Very cute dress. And your lipstick is delightful.

  4. Get OUT then get back IN! You look absolutely frickin AMAZING in this beautiful frock - I have said it before and I'll say it again - this is the PERFECT silhouette on you. Love the fabric and it looks gorgeous with the cardi too. Love love love love love this frock! Sarah xxx

  5. That cherries dress is my dream come true, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, so wonderful!!!

  6. I swear you whip up the cutest dresses. I love cherries and I love this style. :)