Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Restyle raspberry dress

Restyle is a Polish clothing brand of alternative, goth, pin-up clothing (link to their website). I am only aware they exist because of this dress.

I've been coveting this dress for about.... a year. Or maybe more. I have been gazing at it, wishing I had an occasion or event to justify purchasing it. I can usually justify buying, well, most things, but for some reason I struggle with pretty party dresses at retail prices (unless I actually have something for which to buy it).

So I sat and gazed at this dress until Jay asked me why, if I loved it so much, I didn't just buy the bloody thing?

So I did. (It was on sale! Totally justified!)

And since I'm on  holidays from work with nothing better to do with my time, today I played dress-ups with it.

The dress is fully lined, AND it has 2 layers of tulle, so it floofs out perfectly and there is no need to wear a petticoat.

The lining hangs down a little bit but I REALLY DON'T CARE.

It kind of reminds me of Carrie's dress, but I think mine is way nicer. Hers makes her look like she's standing weirdly (or maybe she is).


Sigh. I'll never take it off.


  1. EXQUISITE!!! The colour is gorgeous on you and this is the PERFECT silhouette on you. WAY better than Carrie's. FABULARSE! Sarah xxx

  2. Ohmygoodness!! That dress is fab. Now you've got me turning green over this raspberry lovely! I have to check out this site. I'm a gothic clothing lover!!

  3. Okay I just browsed a little bit and it has two of my favorite periods, victorian and 50s!!! :D Thanks for sharing this with us, Dame!

  4. It's MUCH nicer than Carries, and it's gorgeous!
    Good on Jay for encouraging you to buy it, it's SO pretty and fits you like a dream!
    I might have to check that site out....gah...I'm such a tight bitch I'll need major encouragement to shop!!!

  5. lovely, very lovely dress. but i can't understand that the lining is hanging ... sadly a lot of affordable retro lables doesn't sew perfectly. often flared skirts are left shorter than on the right - or something like that. ... sad.
    but as being such a talented satorialist shortening the hanging lining shouldn't be a problem to you. :)

  6. Don't (take it off)...it's absolutely, endlessly gorgeous on you. I adore the feeling of finally acquiring something you've yearned to have for so very long, and am delighted for you that you got to experience that with this stellar frock.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. What a lovely dress! I am really impressed with the quality, lined and with tulle, just wow. This colour looks so wonderful with your dark hair and pale skin!

  8. love the dress!

  9. I am shamelessly stalking your blog and crying at how perfect you are.


    This dress and you are stunning.