Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Valentine's Day dress

 Now, I certainly don't need an excuse to make a dress.
Oh, it's Wednesday! Better make a dress!
A blue car! Time to make a dress!

However, having my first Valentine's Day date with my boyfriend is most definitely an excuse to make a new dress.


For this one, I used New Look 6587, view E. I've made this before, and I found it way easier and less fiddly to just insert a zip up the front, rather than time-consuming and more-difficult-to-undo (ahem) buttons.

I love the bodice style. It's almost corsety, and it's a good one for getting a really fitted, er, fit. The material has a slight stretch so it was quite comfy. 
It's not really easy to see but there are two large patch pockets on the skirt.

I think the camera or the light washed this out a bit. I had 10 different shades of red and pink on my nails. 

We went out for dinner, which was delicious, but I was just waiting for dessert... because I knew I was having salted caramel creme brulee *makes Homer Simpson drooling noise now*

I might have been spoiled a bit, too.



  1. Beautiful dress, it looks far better made up by you than it does on the envelope x

  2. A center front zipper sounds really sexy. I may be trying that!
    I'm glad you had a nice Valentine's Day! The salted caramel creme brulee sounds delicious.

  3. Such a fun dress - looks great on you too ;o)

  4. Oooo, dishy! Love the fabric, and the pattern is gorgeous!
    I've been sewing up a storm, I must show and tell! Made two frocks, and am about to start a third. No excuse necessary!

  5. J'adore - massively!!! Front zipper dresses are so awesome! They instantly make me think of 1940s (and sometimes 50s) house dresses, which I adore. I have a couple of 40s zipper fronts pretty much live in them from May to September (often paired with a snood and wicker handbag).

    You look marvelous, my lovely friend!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I've just bought this pattern and stumbled across your blog when I googled the pattern. I LOVE your style!!! I'm going to add your blog to my reading list :)

    1. Thank you so much! I've done the same :)