Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Winter is Coming dress

No, this dress does not have anything to do with Game of Thrones. But it is the last summery dress I'll be making this year.


 I usually make at least one coat every winter. Last year I got carried away with summery dresses and made nothing else (almost) all year. By the time we got through winter and summer came around again, I was kind of annoyed at myself.

So here is the last summer dress of the year.

I absolutely love the fabric I've used for the bodice. The print is just beautiful. I have a feeling it would also look amazing with a skirt in a rusty red colour. I don't completely love it with the blue skirt of this dress, but it will do.

For some reason the skirt came out really tight. It fitted really well at the waist but there was a lot of seam allowance along the zip, which I had to let out. I haven't tried sitting in it yet so I'm going to assume it will not actually split open when I do.

I have crazy cat lady hair in these photos. I started with my hair in a bun, decided it was boring, so I took it out and it just fluffed up everywhere. I still have one short side from when I shaved half my head a while ago; at the rate it's growing it should be shoulder length by the end of the year.

And just to prove I really am going to make wintery stuff for winter, here is a little sneak peek of a coat I've started on.

F*ck off summer. There is velvet and fur and silk in my future and I must wear them.


  1. The coat looks fabulous!
    I think you're the queen of sexy dresses.

  2. This is a wonderful dress, sweet Lady. I also think it's important to wrap a year (at least) I'm looking foward to see more about your coat. Have a beautiful week, dear friend.

  3. LOL, you're saying eff off summer, and I'm saying eff off winter! I do like winter dressing and the fabrics that go along with it a lot more than summer ones though. Velvet and fur - oh my! The bodice material is beautiful ... I'm a sucker for floral prints, especially if they're on a black background. :)

  4. What a killer coat! That rich, elegant olive-y green is stunning. I bet it looks stunning with your colouring, sweet gal.

    As we head into spring (finally!) here, know that I'm thinking of you and sending countless happy autumn wishes your way!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. That coat looks fabulous, I can't wait to see it properly!