Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pretty winter feet

A while ago I pondered the first world question of which colourful items I should buy to make my feet all pretty.

Here is my selection.

Green gingham heels. Mainly because I have no green shoes, and these have a retro look about them which I just couldn't go past.



Then these beauties appeared on sale so I just went right on ahead and bought them too. 


I've had a slight obsession with large patterned wedges for some time now, but haven't found many in actual shops (the kind you walk into). Meanwhile UK & US websites are full of the things.


I got these both from ModCloth. If you're thinking about buying the gingham heels, I recommend buying your usual size. I found the wedges a bit long though and could have bought a half size down. The straps are very comfy and secure though so it doesn't matter. They are extremely comfortable.


Then, as usual, Madam got in on the act when she realised a photo shoot was taking place.



In case you're wondering (and you are now), yes I was sitting down to take these photos. I still can't WEAR these shoes - to stand and walk in - because my ankle is still recovering from a sprain 2 weeks ago. Heels are O-U-T this week. Humph. Maybe next week?


I do like my sexy slippers though.


  1. Equally as fabulous.

    Molly = scary.

    Love the moccs. :)

  2. Oh, they are beautiful! Bet you're having fun planning outfits around them. The slippers look cosy xx

  3. Thanks for your comment! I forgot to mention that chomby's tummy is all better now, thank you! x

  4. Wonderful shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I would love, love to share a drink with you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. I love both shoes !!! It's fantastic with this color of tights !!!

  6. I do love a pair of sexy slippers too - I don't even own a pair - how did that happen? So that's why my feet are freezing in just socks!! I'm gasping for air over these shoes - I can't decide which I love most so it must be BOTH!!! Hope your ankle is recovering well:)) xo

  7. Those are darling shoes. I guess I'm too shy about getting such shoes. I tend to migrate towards neutral color shoes.

  8. Both sets of shoes are great! I hope your ankle is feeling better so you can really wear them out.

  9. Those green shoes are killer!!!

  10. Those floral wedges are AMAZING. If I owned them, I'd wear them all the time. :P

  11. PS. I hope your ankle feels better soon!

  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous shoes, good choice - I love them but i could not walk in them -

    Be careful!

    Have a good weekend


  13. awesome shoes ... i feel so jealous about them!

  14. Hi, let me check the bust measurements again. Not to be nosy, but what are your measurements?

    If you want email me: sean-mackenzie{at}live{dot}com

  15. Oh man, I LOVE both of them! Sarah xxx