Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Red circle skirt

Fabric: Red wool/something blend, found at Love Vintage Fair in Melbourne
Pattern: Vogue 8766
Result: Long warm skirt for winter. Very heavy!


This is the same pattern I used for the Autumnal Florals dress. I made up the waist band by measuring the waist of the skirt, cutting out 2 pieces 4 inches wide, and tapering the seams at the back.

I didn't have a red zip. Luckily I quite like pink and red together. The buttons are a vintage set I've had for yonks from.... somewhere


 It sits very high on the waist. No serious foundation garments required for this one!



This green t-shirt isn't going so well though... 

Just needs an accessory or two...

Or a cute cardi!


(You'd think I might remember to wear some make up at least)

 Still needs something else though...

How about a refreshing beverage?


Or not!

See you at the drive-in!


  1. Aren´t you clever?, ahhhhhhhhh. I love how beautifully the skirt goes with the cherry cardigan.

  2. That is so cute!! I have no circle skirts. I have dresses that are very flowy, but have very few skirts.

  3. looks great with the cardi and the kitty

  4. Love the skirt! I am particularly fond of the high waist on it.

  5. Oh that skirt is PERFECTION! LOVE THE HIGH WAIST, LOVE THE BUTTONS. Oops sorry for yelling. But that skirt is FABULARSEHOLE!!!


  6. That skirt-it has the most delightful flare!
    And the first green top actually looked great:)
    Love the kitty cat its just so fluffy and cute!


    Shubhi's Revels!

  7. What a beautiful skirt. I love it. :)

    And look at your tiny waist! I'm insanely jealous!

  8. this skirt is so great! perfect with the cherry cardi!


  9. Seriously, completely fantastic skirt - and sweater (cherries on a pink background, you've got me swooning over here to no end!). Love this outfit and could see myself wearing it in a heartbeat, too.

    ♥ Jessica