Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Decisions, decisions...

This Saturday I finally get to have my 30th birthday party! The theme is 1920's. The day is split into 2 parts: a rather civilised afternoon/garden tea, followed by rowdy and raucous cocktail hour. This means I NEED 2 outfits.

The outfit for cocktail hour is taken care of and will be here shortly! But today I decided I hated my afternoon tea look. So I raided the local op shop to see what I could find.

(This post is basically me playing dress-ups and taking photos of myself, which is why they're a bit blurry and crap.)

I love the colour of this little top. And it's little flower and waist tie thing. The flower is actually a brooch. But I have no idea how to wear it. Straight below-knee length skirt? Wide legged trousers? In what colour? 


 Then there's this weird thing. I picked it up because of the metallic embellishments. You can see how much I'm trying and failing to love it.

There is nothing 20's about it. I bought it purely for the metallic stuff at the neckline. Miss?


One thing I WILL be wearing is my little red hat. Practice for when I'm old...



 Then I found this dress. The label is Zara. Can I just, as an aside, ask what the hell was the big deal with Zara? When the massive shop opened in Melbourne city, people actually camped outside to get in first in the morning. This dress is nice, but it would not be impossible for me to ever get something similar from another shop.

Actually I am rather in love with this dress. And it's not even vaguely 20's. But I want to wear it.



A friend suggested I 1920 it by tying a sash around the hips as a drop-waist. I did that and it looked terrible. My hips do not require accentuation.


I'm thinking I'll dye it. But I don't know what colour. What colour??? My first thought was to tea-dye it but I don't want to look all fleshy. Maybe peach? Same problem. Grey? Lavender?


Pale green? Or is that ea-de-nil? I'll probably wear this shawl with it. I think.


Really not getting anywhere here.



 Or I could wear this shawl. Which is part of my evening look anyway, so it would kind of blend the two looks together. Mmm, yes, blending.


 So - how can I wear the green top (the first one) or how can I pretty up the white dress in a 20's style? What colour should I dye it? Any suggestions before this Saturday morning would be appreciated!



  1. Love the dress with the pink hat soooooooooooo gorgeous.
    Cream (nude) would be more 20s and vintage looking.

  2. Definitely do that white dress, pink had, and black crochet shawl!!! It's so 20's lingerie inspired.

    1. Dear me! Should One wear One's lingerie to afternoon tea?

  3. I'm not sure if I'd dye the white dress - save perhaps to a cream/tea stain colour. A lot of whites and creams were in use during the Edwardian years and those shades carried over well into the 20s (especially in blouses), so I think keeping the palette light with an airy dress like that might be the way to go.

    Thank you very much for you immensely nice comment on my post about being named Va-Voom's blog of the month. I'm still floating on cloud nine from the honour and happiness of that experience.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I actually prefer the green top. It would go great with a knee length skirt or very high waisted, wide legged trousers.

    I would also go with finger waves for the hair. Check your Lauren Renells book!

    1. I actually have a wig to wear! I will have waaay too much to do to bother actually fixing my hair up Thanks for supporting the green top idea!

  5. Well, I am going to start by being completely inappropriate and complimenting your splendid rack! HUBBA HUBBA! And I love all of the items - especially the white dress, which I would keep white and tie or sew some darling little satin bows all over! And please remember to take lots of pics for us!!! Sarah xxx

    1. Oh there will be a photo extravaganza!! And you can compliment me in inappropriate ways whenever you like!

  6. The white dress is beautiful on you !

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