Monday, 9 July 2012

A Grande Birthday

Well *slight cough* Had a small rant yesterday, being slightly out of sorts due to illness on birthday & wotnot. However, I had some family round for the day yesterday, and seeing some other actual human beings, in person, was quite refreshing.

They also brought gifts.

My darling aunt Margaret, my mum's sister, made me these beautiful little wrist warmer things.


They are hand made from merino wool and some other wool called Finn, as far as I can tell from her little label. Margaret "does" all her own wool and other fibres - spinning it, treating it, dyeing it, knitting it, etc. So when I say these are hand made, I really mean it.

She also MADE these exquisite fingerless gloves.



I am quite in love with them. These are knitted in silk, rabbit, and camel. Don't ask me how. But they are the softest things I have ever touched. They permanently look as though they're in soft focus.



 And speaking of making things, my beloved, Jay, made me this beautiful card


Inside is a picture of us having tea


Which is quite fitting really, because with the card came a booking for afternoon tea at the Hotel Windsor in Melbourne! Something I have wanted to do for years. I shall wear my best hat.

And possibly I shall take my new parasol as well, also a gift from my beloved.



The colours are a bit off there... this is the true colour


 I received a new bag for the occasion as well. I did feel spoiled!


And a new travelling case! My beloved knows me well.  


 The most exciting and not entirely unexpected item, was my new sewing machine. 
Hello, gorgeous.

This is the Janome MS5027LE. For each machine sold a donation is made to support breast cancer research. You can see more here

 I come from a family of sewists & creatives. My mum made a padded cover for the machine

And this nifty little kit to go with it. 



So, after a bit of attention, some presents, a lot of pills and the first good nights' sleep I've had in a week, I'm starting to feel better. I'm on holiday from work this week so I'm hoping by the end of the week to be well enough to go shopping & get out of the house for a few hours. In the meantime I have some new toys to play with!


  1. So many wonderful treasures! So glad you had a wonderful afternoon. And I can see where you get your amazing sewing skills! Those hand knitted lacy fingerless gloves are absolutely beautiful! Happy Birthday! Sarah xxx

  2. Oh wow your Aunty Margaret is so talented!! She's amazing, your gloves are so beautiful and yes, the creamy ones look like soft focus. I'm so glad you got spoilt, you deserved all those lovely treasures after being so sick on your birthday - happy birthday sweetie!! xoxox

  3. Thank you girls for the birthday wishes - I feel like I've actually had a birthday now. Lousy sickness grumble grumble *twirls parasol & pirouettes away!*

  4. What a clever family of magic makers, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Lovely presents.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY my gorgeous!!!

    1. Thank you! It was lovely to receive such hand made treats.

  5. You poor thing. I can't believe you had the flu on your 30th.

    It looks like you got some lovely gifts for your birthday though. Hope those cheered you up a tad.

    Merry birthday!!

    1. I was cheered a tad and then some! Thankyou for the merry wishes!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!

    Okay, I HAVE to know where you got that mug with MM on it??? I love that ballerina photoshoot!!!

    1. Well it was also a gift several years ago, but I think this is the same one

  7. I'm so glad you are starting to feel better! And weren't you spoilt?!! Those lacy fingerless gloves are beautiful, but you probably don't want to know *how* the rabbit fur was obtained...the green parasol is my favourite, such a lovely colour! Xox

    1. I'm sure it was acquired in a friendly way... We're a very animal-friendly family! I'm more curious about how they got the camel!

  8. Oh my god ! So many beauties here !
    You're right, my glitter shoes are from Asos, and better than that : the magical Asos outlet !!!

  9. What incredibly lovely birthday treasures! I'm hard pressed to pick a favourite, as everything is so, so thoroughly fantastic!

    Happiest (slightly belated) birthday wishes, fellow July born gal, I hope your year ahead is filled with everything you wished for and much more!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  10. happy birthday, daling! the parasol is just amazing!!!

  11. Oh I have one Janome, good machine! I love those wrist warmers as well. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! :)