Wednesday, 6 June 2012

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See? I'm alive!

I just realised it's been almost a week since I posted anything and I've been generally absent from commenting on all the blogs I follow... various reasons apply, which I won't waste time whinging about! Get on with it! (she said to herself)

I also haven't done any sewing but I do have some good news - I have a 4 DAY weekend coming up and I plan to spend much of it sleeping and sewing and celebrating my Beloved's birthday.

I will hopefully finish this coat I've had going foreverrrrrrrr now:

The pattern is Butterick 5569 and I'm making the mid-length version in (surprise!) furry leopard print. (Or it might be cheetah?)


I also have a new bag design to try out. I've had 3 handbags this year so far (all retail) and each has broken in a different way. So I must make one! I can't show the design here because it's still in my head, but I can show off the 1940's polished cotton I'll be using:


It's very soft and thin, so it needs some serious lining. I've only been wondering what to do with it for about 2 years now.

Finally - speaking of birthdays - The Countdown is ON. It's just one month til my own birthday, and it's worthy of a countdown because it's the big 3-0 this year. Yikes! It's like I'll be a Real Adult or something. So the next month will be peppered with posts about the dress, shoes, cake, theme, and suchlike (because there WILL be a theme! With costumes!)

For now, here are the shoes I plan on buying:

Full costume reveal still to come! (As well as actual sewing posts.)

Oh! And speaking of shoes! I finally made a decision about which pretty items to buy for my feet. I can't wait til they get here! And I have some awesome boots to show off tomorrow. Whew!


  1. Darling! No excuses necessary!
    Birthday?! Hurrah! I adore those particular bordello shoes,love that crossover bit.They'll look fab peeking out from under your new coat!!EEEK! I really MUST pull finger one of these days and make a leopard coat,but I've been saying that for YEARS!

  2. Glad to see you back, and like Helga I say that not excuses are necessary.

  3. As Helga, I am saying that not excuses are needed.
    I am very glad to see you back full of projects.

  4. Beautiful fabrics ! And the shoes make me think to tango dancers !

  5. beautiful fabrics, and the shoes make me think to tango dancers !

  6. Oh that coat is going to be amazing! Is this the coat that is similar to the one with the emerald green lining?

    1. No! Sadly its not the replica coat... That is still to come. This one will have cute lining though!

  7. Oohh... a four-day sewing spree. I cannot wait to see your creation.

    Can't wait until your b'day. *freaks out* What to wear?


  8. I can wait to see the coat and purse - the fabric is so nice!
    It is my daughter's wedding in a month, i still have to make certain of what i will be wearing, i am not sure still!

    Love your choice for the shoes!


  9. i'm totally in love with this black and white striped cotton fabric... i can't wait to see the results.