Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Vintage "Style" 1975

The pattern: Style 1246, dated 1975. I've had it for years intending to make it 'sometime.' Actually I think I started it once in denim, but it got abandoned half-way through.

This time I made View 1, the long red one second from the right. 

Alterations: The thing I love about this is it has a back seam, so I can make it fit perfectly. It was a little big in the upper back, but otherwise it fits pretty perfectly. 

The buttons/fastenings don't line up completely but for a first time making it I'm not that fussed.

The material is a mystery find - all I know is it's kind of woolly but it's not thick and it's not scratchy. Going by the $5 price tag stapled on it I got it from a sale somewhere.

I thought the fabric was completely suited to this pattern. Now that I've actually made it, I still think it's ok but it's turned out slightly more wintery than I realised it would. It's kind of hard to summer-ise a winter dress. Especially one made in woolly fabric.

With long sleeves I think it looks better. As long as I don't gain or lose any substantial amount of weight before next winter I'll be happy to wear it then! (I will also not tuck my blouse into my tights when I wear it in public... mmm, hot)

I might try it in a lighter fabric - something like lawn or toile/voile/whatever the hell it is, or with silk in it to try and make it more summery. I will probably also use a zip fastening instead of the buttons because the fabric loops for the buttons are a total pain. Not making them, but getting them all even and lined up perfectly... bleh.

 On that note, my next project will definitely not have buttons! Or loops! 


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  2. Oh, my... this takes me back. The style is from the era when I was longing to wear clothes exactly like this dress. It appeals to me far beyond aesthetics.

    You did a marvelous job. The material is unusual but works for the style. If I could live my dream, I'd pay you a Million dollars to make one of these for me and I'd wear it every day in public.

    (Typo in previous post)

  3. Fantastic dress, and it goes so well with your blouse.
    WOnderful indeed!!!

  4. nice pattern, nice fabric and nice color!
    I love your choice of tights, red and brown- I have to remember that!


  5. O,I love it!
    I love the pattern,the fabric you made it in and how you're wearing it!!! And the fit is excellent!
    No one will notice if your buttons aren't lining up but you! Yeah,making the loops would have pissed me off,but they do look fab!
    I reckon you could make a few in different fabrics and lengths;a little mini would be pretty funky!

  6. Ooh this is gorgeous! You are so clever. I love the fabric - and I agree it's a bit wintery and I would love to see it in a beautiful summery print. I LOVE the buttons. Sarah xxx

  7. This is SO cute! You did an amazing job. You couldn't have chosen a more perfect fabric. It really does look like it was made in the 1970s. It totally looks vintage (which I guess, in reality, it is, haha). I love that you paired it with those cute red tights. :)

  8. cute!!! especially with the bow blouse underneath ...
    this saturday i found some more pattern/sewing magazines at the flea market this time from the mid 60s. i wish i could sew like you.

  9. What a wonderfully cute dress! I especially like the oversized buttons and the fact that I could see this being styled to work for several decades (30s, 40s, 60s, 70s, etc). Superb job on this charming piece - you're a definite creative inspiration, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica