Monday, 22 October 2012

Op Shop Tops | Memphis Monday

 A few weeks ago I moved house and my new house is surrounded by lovely lovely op shops just waiting for me to visit and deplete them of their stock. 

After some serious scavenging last weekend I came away with armloads of fabulous new tops & shirts. This week I'll be wearing and featuring them daily!


My life is really hard.


  1. Ha! Love this fab tshirt - and I feel so sorry for you, poor love! Sarah xxx

  2. How pretty! Three years ago I visited Memphis, Tennessee and the sense of music there was palpable. I visited Sun Studio where Elvis, Johnny Cash and others got their start. Very cool tee.

    1. That sounds fantastic. There are so many places in America I would love to visit one day.

  3. Hurrah for great scores!
    It's a tough job,but someone has to do it!Glad you're taking up the banner,and I look forward to seeing what else you found!

  4. Great scores especially tees
    Very nice can't wait to see more!