Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sack bag experiment

When I first saw this piece of fabric, I immediately knew it could make a perfect circular bag. It's much brighter than it appears here - it's actually a bright lime green.

I think it was originally a tea towel or something. 

Anyway, I cut it into something vaguely resembling a circle, and then used it as a pattern to cut out some lining. In hindsight, I really should have used a lining fabric which, you know, doesnt clash so hideously.

I sewed the almost-circles together, leaving an opening to turn them right side out. Before I sewed up the opening, I stitched a single button hole in the outer fabric, and used the buttonhole width as a guide to sew a channel all the way around, through both pieces, several inches from the outer edge.

Through the channel I threaded a ribbon for a drawstring, and attached some buttons to the ends to stop the ribbon disappearing inside the buttonhole.

Then I added a couple of handles which in no way match the outer or lining fabric.

And there you go. One sack bag. As experiments go, I think this one was fairly successful! The next one will look slightly less multiple-personality-disordery.


  1. It's rather fabularse,darling!
    It looks like that awesome fabric was a small tablecloth,and I'm mighty jealous of such a fab find!The bag turned out brillant,and the mix of patterns works! XXX

  2. I agree with Helga - it's GORGEOUS! I love the mismatched fabrics and the buttons! Sarah xxx

  3. Thanks, gels! I have to admit it's kind of growing on me now.

  4. This is so cute! I really like the outside bag and handle fabrics (that cherry and gingham one is just plain fabulous!), and over all shape of this useful creation.

    ♥ Jessica