Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Christmas Pudding bag

This bag actually has nothing to do with Christmas, or puddings. I just think it looks like a fat little pudding.

Actually it looks more like a pizza when it's lying flat.

The fabric is leftover from a dress I made years ago, proof that it IS worth hanging onto bits of fabric "just in case" I need them.

The lining is a soft silky rayon.

This was made exactly the same way as the previous bag here, but it's smaller.

I added the lace around the opening to hide the rows of stitching for the ribbon casing. In order to keep the stitches invisible on the inside, I had to hand sew it. I loathe sewing anything by hand. It takes foreverrrrrrr. It gives me neck and back and head and eye aches. And half the stitches were visible anyway. But it looks nice from the outside.


To finish, I added two red buttons to the ribbon ends.


And there you have it. My little Christmas Pudding bag.


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