Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Carnival dress

Last Saturday I went op-shopping. Whilst carting around armloads of clothes I REALLY need, I spotted a Laura Ashley quilt cover set which was just BEGGING me to turn it into a dress.

(Extra large rack appreciation pic)

I pulled the quilt cover off the hanger, paid all of $8 for it!! and took it home for its immediate transformation.



 This fabric makes me think of carnivals and fairs from days gone by. There is something sweet about the print which brings to mind innocent fun and freedom. And fairy floss.



 The pattern I used is a Vogue 8766 , heavily modified. I used one and half circle skirts, which is to say I cut out 6 quarter circle pieces. I did this because I really wanted to gather the waist of the skirt, rather than having a flat circle skirt (if that makes sense). So the skirt is very full.

Attempting to demonstrate said fullness:


Weird insect pose:


 I gave the bodice a sweetheart neckline. The straps are slightly curved by making a pleat at the ends.

In order to wear the gathered waist without looking pregnant, I knew I had to lower the waistline of the bodice. I intended to make it rounded and soft but it ended up kind of pointed. However, I like it. It's more corsety.

 The buttons were all attached to the quilt cover so I wanted to re-use them. They are only pinned on here. I'm trying to decide how many suits best. Five looks nice but I can't decide if they look a bit crammed in?


I probably could have worn some carnival-y shoes for this post. Oh well.


  1. So impressive! Gorgeous material, beautiful dress design. Your sewing skill is amazing.

    I wish I could hire you someday to create something like this for (the large-sized) me. :)

  2. This dress is heavenly! So sweet, sweeping and beautiful! Fantastic work on transforming a cute duvet cover into a stunning new frock.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I really do love this!! I think you need to come to my house and help me with sewing.

  4. Ohhh lady you are so flawless! As everyone else said, I wish I had your sewing prowess.

    Maybe taking off the bottom button would make it look less crammed? This dress and you are seriously stunning. I'm in love with it, and wish I could have one of my very own. I love the pointed waist as well. =D

  5. I frigging LOVE this frock!
    Gorgeous fabric, such a great re-use of an item!
    You've made a fabulous job of it, the button detail is perfect, and the gratuitious rack shot always appreciated! X

  6. I would have done exactly the same if I knew how. Everytime I see nice bed linen I think of the skirt or dress i would make out of it, LOl
    You made such a wonderful job, ahhhhhhhhhhh

  7. Oh you know I am appreciating your extra large rack!!! The frock is AMAAZING! Gorgeous fabric and PERFECT silhouette on your PERFECT scrumptious bod!

    Sarah xxx

  8. I cannot believe that this used to be a quilt!!!! You are seriously amazing and look so damn gorgeous in this dress! I love the buttons and the pattern is lovely :3

  9. Well helloooooooooooooo there gorgeous carni gal!!!! I say YES to more buttons and the enormous skirt and I love the pleated shoulder straps ... run away with me!! xoxox

  10. So beautiful! I love everything about this dress, the fabric is delicious, as is the skirt and I love the buttons too!

  11. this dress is one of my favs of your amazing collection. i love everything about it!!! the print is totally cute, the colours are summery and you chose the perfect pattern. and those buttons are so fun. i would love to steal it! ;)

  12. bella! i pin you