Sunday, 15 September 2013

A day with Miss Fisher's 1920's costumes

Yesterday, along with Jay and Mumsie, I visited the Rippon Lea estate to see the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition.

The exhibition features many of the beautiful and glorious costumes from the television series based on the books by Kerry Greenwood. I love, love, love the books and the series is, well, good enough I suppose! I'm the sort of person who likes books to be adapted into series and films with nothing altered. The series is light and silly and it's fun to see the characters come to life.

 First stop, tea and scones. And some photos, of course.

Dress - ASOS
Boots & tights - old
Cameo necklace - gift from Jay
Cameo ring - (old) Samantha Wills

Upon entering the mansion (a situation in which I find myself every day, darling) we were delighted to discover a rack of coats, capes and feather boas, accompanied by a bowlful of fascinators and headbands, available purely for the purpose of dressing up and getting into the swing of things.



How could we resist?

One of the actual costumes is shown behind us here.

As you can see, I was not enjoying myself at all. And is that an admirer in the background? 
One of my usuals, no doubt.

Time to get down to business and see the exhibition. Sadly, no other photography was permitted, so here are some of the costumes we saw, as shown in the souvenir booklet.






 If you are not able to visit the exhibit I can only highly recommend watching the series to see more of the costumes, as they are quite exquisite. 

The exhibition was spread out through several rooms, with headless bodies and large (fake) knives lying around in abundance. I'd never been to Rippon Lea before, and seeing the house was as much of a treat as seeing the costumes.

 After the exhibit we took a stroll around the gardens. We couldn't have picked a better day for it.

I was very excited by everything we saw. 

"A bridge! Someone take my photo with this bridge!"

"A tree! Someone take my photo with this tree! It's huge!"

"OMG! A seat! Wait! Wait! I need a photo with this seat!"

I ended up with almost 200 photos. I was a happy little black duck.


  1. Looks like you had a great day out. Love the fact that you had the opportunity to play dress up too - who wouldn't love that opportunity?! :)

  2. You're a gorgeous pair of bints!!! Especially loving your frock...
    What a divoon day out!! I am gagging to watch this show, I'm so slow at getting around to series...I might just buy a couple of seasons on dvd. I have the books on my to read list, too. LOVE this clothese, and what fun to play about with them! GAH, jealous! XXX

  3. ah, i am in love with your dress here! it's so cute! that garden seems wonderful!

    lindsey louise

  4. I'm just as excited to visit Rippon Lea as I am to see the exhibition next month!! Yes, The Stylist and I are flying down from Brissie to see it and spend a weekend with #1 Son. The gardens look glorious and I love your frocks, you both look so happy larking about in the sunshine! Thank you so much for your kind words, I gave pink lippy a go, but like you, it's red all the way! I'd love to know if Jay's blog is up and running yet? xoxoxoxoxo

  5. What a fun post and what a fun experience! I'm jealous! This sounds like such a great day out together and your photos are just beautiful (that purple conical flower shot is gorgeous!).

  6. You 2 girls are just so beautiful
    Love your dresses
    That looks like a excellent exhibition
    Me too i like costume exhibition
    I saw the Grace Kelly exhibition here in Mtl
    I think i saw Mrs Fisher mystery
    I will check it out on the BBC, o have the BBC App on my Ipad



  7. how fun, i just started to watch 'miss fisher's' yesterday! ... 5 episodes in a row!
    i would love to see the exhibition but swimming across the ocean ... no, too wet, too salty, too many sharks.

  8. beautiful images, I love your dress (and the peacock tiara woweee!) and thanks for introducing me to the delights of Miss Fisher!

  9. Oh, I wish I was with you and Jay!!!! It looked like LOADS of fun with flashy and ostentatious flapper wear. LOVE! And I love that last photo of you, you're so adorable! :)

  10. Perfect post, it has a little bit of everything.
    What a beautiful couple you make.
    I love and WANT your dresses, and I would love to have tea and scones with you.

  11. So many really gorgeous vintage dresses and accessories. Your ASOS dress is very pretty and fits you like a glove. Your friends roses dress is pretty as well. Is that a vintage dress?

  12. It's not everyday I see a post in my blog feeds that I think my mom would go gaga over, but this definitely one such post, as she's a big Miss Fisher fan (as well as a Poirot and other similar period whodunits). I've been meaning to get into it more myself, and think this marvelous photo filled post is just the push I needed. Now to check local listing times! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you deeply for your immensely caring, lovely comment regarding my MIL's passing and our recent trip. This month really has been such an unique mix of joyful highs and tear stained lows. It's left me drained, but not defeated, and I like to think (hope!) that the rest of the year might finally pick up and stay considerably more positive (much like the Calgary trip itself was).

  13. What fun! More fun by far than the time I went to the birthplace of Shakespeare and in the gift shop I think it was, they had a dressing up box of stage costumes from the plays. So far from glamourous!