Monday, 1 April 2013

Three (or six) skirts, with purple

Er, so two weeks ago I started making 4 pencil skirts at once, thinking I had the makings of an excellent human production line and would finish the stupid things all in one day.

Here is what I learned.

Making multiple versions of an item is very boring. Especially when they're lined. It's like making eight items but only ending up with four (yes, I actually lined something. On purpose).

So here are 3 of the 4 skirts, the 4th one not having made it past the cutting-out stage.

These are all made from leftovers of other dresses and skirts I've made over the years.  This purple skirt is made from the remains of this dress.

I don't know what I originally bought this for, but I think it was another skirt. Since I don't own anything in this fabric I'm assuming the first skirt was a failure.

The 3rd skirt was to be red tartan. 

Moving right along to the 4th skirt, this fabric is... 70's? 60's? Who can tell me? It's printed, and soft like brushed flannel. 

I couldn't decide if the purple shoes or blue boots suited it better.

I can't get enough of glittery nails lately. It's like having 10 little drag queens dancing on my fingers.

Details: Purple shoes - Modcloth
Blue boots - Naturalizer clearance sale
Rings - cheap retail
Necklace - Christmas gift
Jumper - op-shopped

By the way, I don't like the colour purple or anything.



  1. That first outfit, head to toe purple, is so very you, I love it! And that Daisy purple skirt is sensational. :)

  2. haha "10 little drag queens dancing on my fingers." How in the world did you just pull off that first look. I am in awe, and I feel like you deserve so many medals for being able to wear an all solid purple outfit. I am bowing to you right now. I, too, really like the daisy purple skirt and that cameo necklace =].

  3. The plaid one is my fave!
    You are on FIRE on that sewing machine of yours! I tried to get motivated all weekend, but to no avail...lazy tart I am!
    Making several of one thing is rather tedious, but just look at your lovely work! AND your teeny tiny waist! X

  4. They're all lovely! I love the fabric of the last as it isn't fabric I would expect to see a pencil skirt made of, which makes it all the lovelier :)

  5. Be still my pencil skirt loving heart, these are all incredible! I commend you for tackling four of the same garment at the same time like that, and think the results turned out splendidly well. I may have said this before, but you have incredible curves, dear gal, and suit a pencil skirt like nobody's business!

    Happiest start of April wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  6. The skirts are all lovely and think that you all made those, i'm impress because i can't sew anything worth mentioning!
    I have a fav, the plaid is just wonderful

    Ariane xxxxx

  7. They are all so lovely even if it was a tad boring.


  8. That skirt is gorgeous! And I am loving that vector silhouette necklace!

  9. You have the sewing flair and constitution of a couturier. I am completely amazed you actually made THREE LINED skirts! I would have been ramming my head through a wall after the first two. But I'm guessing that what made it so interesting was the fact you we using fabrics that were so wonderfully different to one another. I am in love with the green tartan ... LOVE I say!!!! That Lincraft voucher certainly does keep on giving and I ADORE the blue boots with the floral skirt!! xoxo

  10. You industrious girl! Very good! Well, definetly, the pencil skirt becomes you so much. I envy your waist! (I don't have one) They all look beautiful to me, and as you ask us, the flowered one looks very nowadays to me, so I'd say it is 2010s. Beautiful and becoming, and all three of them match your purple jumper and shoes. I know how tedious is to sew equal pieces, since I have two twin nieces and I still remember how boring it was to sew equal dresses. I guess what is more fun is change. In my case, the best moment is when I start planing my next project. Have a nice sunday, dear, and congrats for the job well done.

  11. Holy guacamole - making ONE skirt is impressive to me - let alone FOUR skirts. They are all gorgeous and my fave is the third one. I LOOOOVE the colours!

    Sarah xxx

  12. How did I miss this? Ahhh you look so gorgeous in those beautiful skirts! Totally stunning! And how clever that you made them yourself, I'm most impressed. Particularly love that purple floral one, it's a beauty, and the cameo necklace is the finishing touch.