Sunday, 16 October 2011

Blue/green tartan

These are the first of 2 pairs of tartan trousers in the works. The second pair will be red. These ones were made for my Other Half with an old favourite Vogue pattern, V7573. I'm not sure if it's even available any more, as I've had it for years. The pattern is for more of a boot-cut style, so I had to adjust these quite a bit. I made them in a straight leg and slightly tapered, so as to be stuffed into boots or over sneakers. I also cut the waist slightly higher. The belt loops & pocket are not part of the pattern.

I really love this pattern for the side zip closure. Technically it should be made with a side button closure but I always use a zip. There's an option to make it with a front mock-fly zip as well but the side zip is just so much quicker. I'll update these ones soon with some more pockets and zips, so they are more punk (so I'm told).


  1. Well done you - these pants should keep the Other Half happy for a while - but watch out! The Other Half might become demanding of new clothing and leave no time for indulgent sewing for self!!!

  2. They are fab! I want some tartan pants for myself (obviously not boy ones). Your other half is VERY LUCKY!