Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Cream florals

Is it just me or does this dress have a slightly 70's look about it? I think it's the creamy upper half that makes me think it does.

The upper half which, by the way, I am not showing off in any up close-ups. Given how beautiful this fabric is (rayon) I decided to not "ruin" the dress by including the skirt front center seam the pattern instructs one to specifically sew. I thought a seam would spoil the continuity. It also made sewing the skirt to the bodice a complete nightmare, involving many home-hair-cut remedies, ie, it needed "evening up" a few times. You can see a tiny pucker in the bodice in the photo above and that's all you need to see, really. The rest of it went together like a dream. There are supposed to be darts in the skirt back sections but I left them out for a more flowing look.

I bought this fabric in Lincraft in Melbourne about 5 months ago. It was minding its own business amongst all the other fabrics until we made eye contact and it screamed "DRESS! I'M A DRESS!" at me. When I finally took it out of the bag last night I discovered it had paid me back for my months of neglect by crumpling and creasing like tissue paper.

I really did iron it. Straight away. Clearly it's going to be a high-maintenance kind of gal. But since it has actual purple blooms in the border print, I'll put up with it.
Pattern is Simplicity 4577.


  1. I agree, this dress does remind me of dresses I had in the 70's - that's giving away my age! We had great contrasts in fabric, some soft like this one and others incredibly bright. I didn't have sweetheart necklines like your dress but we did have lots of plunging V shape necklines and halter necks too.I love the fabric and the design is just gorgeous.

  2. WHAT? You made that? It is gorge! The fabric is to-die-for!