Thursday, 27 October 2011

A new dress for Friday

I don't know about you but I love to end the week with a new frock. The end of the week is special and deserves something pretty. (The start of the week is tedious and tiring and should be taken out at dawn and shot). So I've whipped up this little number for my own version of Casual Friday; call it Fabulous Friday. (Ok, so it's not very original. How about Frock Friday? Frockin' Friday? Whatever.)

This dress is very simple and easy to make. If you look closely (ignoring the inside of the sleeve there, ahem), you will see that it is in fact nothing more than a very long t-shirt. All you need to make it is a t-shirt pattern and about 1.5m of a stretch knit, double-stretch for preference. Then you cut out the t-shirt, adding approximately 18-20 inches of length, depending on your height and how long you'd like it to be. I've cut this dress to be just above knee length.

It sits a little differently on me than it does on Doris. The waist and hips are pretty accurately represented here but Doris has a very broad back and small pointy boobs, which is the exact opposite to me. Not that my back is pointy.

Molly: "I should totally be in this fashion shoot."

"Hey lady. Beat it. Go on, scram."



  1. Casual Friday *ugh* Fabulous Friday a HUGE improvement.

    That dress is so cute - LOVE a polka dot.

    LOL @ Molly.

  2. So glad you have a constant fashion advisor in the shape of Molly. Even if she is a bit aggressive at times! LOVE the polka dot material, looks quite stretchy and comfy but stylish.