Saturday, 17 December 2011

Half n half dress

I love making these dresses. They are a great way to use up pieces of fabric which aren't quite big enough for an entire dress.

The skirt is a slightly thick, 2-way stretch which is soft and brushed on the inside. It needs no hemming, which I LOVE. It's super stretchy and comfortable and presents no problems when walking around or leaping onto trams (in a dignified manner as always).

I have previously made this style with a strawberry-print top half, and one with a sweetheart neckline in bright turquoise. Both with the same black skirts. This particular dress needs a couple of small edits before I can wear it in public. The zip needs to be re-done, as I had a rather small seam allowance and it's not quite holding in places. I also need to take in the side seams. I thought I'd make the skirt tight and the bodice a bit loose, aiming for a blouse-tucked-into-skirt look. It failed. It just looks baggy.

Bodice from New Look 6557, skirt from Vogue 8555. I find this pencil skirt works best in stretch fabrics. It has double darts on both sides, front and back. I tried it in a cotton and the darts just made a weird bowl-shape around my stomach. REALLY attractive. A stretch fabric seems to smooth it out.

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