Sunday, 11 December 2011

A world of my own

Sewing projects have been put on hold this week. It's been hot. Too hot for this little dame. And there is nothing joyous about being swathed in fabric when it's hot. Luckily (for all of us), the heat is abating and the creativity should be flowing at warp speed as usual very soon.

When I'm operating at 100% (ie, whenever it's not hot) this is where it all takes place;

The Sewing Corner.

The Chair. Generally covered in past/current projects or shop-bought items in need of alteration or repair.

The Shelves. Stocked with fabric I've bought because "I'll use it one day."

The Walls. Peppered with images to remind me every day that I am glamorous, female, capable, beautiful, girly, feminine, pretty, intelligent, desirable and worth 48 million dollars. Marilyn Monroe and Dita von Teese are heavily featured. Updated weekly.

The Sewing Cabinet. Inherited from my mother, and equipped with enough drawers and bench space to accommodate all those bits and pieces (not to mention billions of buttons) we all acquire over the years.

The Box. Generally stuffed with, well, stuff that won't fit on the shelves.

There is also an entire room to go with this corner of wonderousness but this is basically the hub of it all.

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  1. Does Molly sit on all of the clean material? I know my cats would.