Monday, 5 December 2011

What would you do with this fabric?

When I saw this fabric I had a small aneurysm. It's purple. And snakeskin. Purple snakeskin! Eeeee!

What to do, what to do? My first thought was "maxi dress!" and then, "But what kind of maxi dress?" Lately I gravitate towards a strappy style but I want to give this fabric the style it deserves. Sleeves? Short sleeves? Or long? Then I moved onto caftan style, er, things, but they're basically a cape with billowy sleeves, right? Kind of boring for this slinky silky stuff.

My Other Half advises an above-knee dress with a fitted bodice and straight skirt would be best. But this is very slippery slinky fabric. I don't think it would hold with a structured style. It needs to flow and drape. NEEDS TO.

So I'm back to maxi dresses without a single idea of what I should really do. Oh, help.

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  1. Oh God, and here I was thinking pencil skirt. I have them on the brain.