Sunday, 15 April 2012

Burda Style wrap dress

I've finally got around to making the dress pictured in this post earlier this year.

Alterations: pretty much everything.

It took FOREVER to trace these pattern pieces from the magazine pattern sheet. They are all printed over the top of each other in a big mess. Then there's the instructions. They're just rambled out in a paragraph with no accompanying pictures or examples at all.

As far as I can tell, I did nothing according to the instructions. I think the waist-tie is supposed to be attached in two pieces, one to the outer seam of the wrap and one to the inner seam. The one attached to the inner seam comes through a hole of the opposite side seam...blah blah blah...

Who has the patience to try and figure out those kind of rambling nonsensicals? Also, there is supposed to be a flounce at the open seam. You can barely even see the flounce in the photos. Why is it there? What is the point?? What the hell IS a flounce???

I left it off.

I decided to keep the dress closed by way of two buttons, one at each side. And I just tied the waist tie around my waist. Rebellious, I know. And I made one side of the tie purple for contrast (also, I'd run out of fabric).

I made the sleeves short, instead of long, as the long sleeves are supposed to have an invisible zipper closure at the cuff. I hate, loathe and despise invisible zips.

I think it looks fine.

This fabric is different for me. It's a double knit, and I don't usually go for such busy prints. It's also a more casual style of dress than I usually wear. I think it will be a good go-to dress for Fridays.

I'll probably wear it with shoes if I wear it to work.

My holidays finish today. Waaaaaaa!


  1. HUBBA HUBBA! The frock is FABULOUS, I'm totally impressed that you made it AT ALL, let alone without instructions, and you look KILLER in it! Sarah xxx

    PS I will pay you fifty seven million dollars if you remove the dreaded Word Verification from comments - PLEEEASE! It's awful, and you will not get spam without it. Need help? Email me and I'll talk you through it.

  2. Woah mama!!!!! That frock is pretty until you slip it on your banging bod then POW!!!!! PHWOAR you look amazing!!!!!! I love the fabric and the blue sash and yeah, sod the pattern makers - they trying to send us crazy or what? I agree about Miss Fisher - I'm afraid I have a bit of a problem with Oz drama - comedy, yes. Drama? Not working guys! But I LOVE the sets and costumes so, so, so, so, so much!

  3. My fav dress you have made. I am wild about this. WILD, I tell you.

  4. Beautiful dress! You are so elegant! =)

  5. You look smokin' in that full body shot! Nicely done on the dress. I love the colors; particularly the hint of purple on the belt.